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30th March 2020
High-resolution OLED microdisplay for AR applications

FRAMOS, a global partner for vision technologies, has announced that it now offers the new ECX335S OLED microdisplay series from Sony Semiconductor Solutions. Featuring outstanding brightness, contrast and resolution plus a wide viewing angle, this solution is suited to the fast-growing market of augmented reality (AR) devices.

23rd March 2020
Sensor modules designed for low light applications

FRAMOS is expanding its sensor module ecosystem with Sony CMOS sensors. With high sensitivity, resolution, and processing speeds, the new sensors are suitable for surveillance and inspection tasks in light-critical conditions as well as factory automation applications.

13th February 2020
Tiny hi-res LiDAR depth camera captures 3D scenes

FRAMOS has announced that it now includes Intel’s first LiDAR depth camera, the new L515, in its product range. The L515 is the world’s smallest and most power-efficient solid-state LiDAR depth camera with XGA resolution and a large range of 0.25 to 9m. It generates 30 frames per second with a depth resolution of 1024x768px.

31st January 2020
Colour pipeline of a camera training course

FRAMOS has announced that it is offering a new training course on the colour pipeline of a digital camera especially for designers, development engineers and test engineers who work with colour cameras. The technically oriented, two-day course is being held on 26 and 27 March at the company’s headquarters in Taufkirchen, Germany.

22nd January 2020
Sensor module for MIPI CSI-2 conversion expands ecosystem

FRAMOS has announced that it is expanding its sensor module ecosystem with the new Sony IMX530 global shutter CMOS sensor. The corresponding FRAMOS FSM-IMX530 sensor module with SLVS and SLVS-EC interface fits into the ecosystem and so can be used in the existing hardware and software environment.

3rd October 2018
Distributor for OLED Microdisplays in North America appointed

Global supplier of imaging products, custom vision solutions and OEM services, FRAMOS Group, has been appointed as a North American approved supplier for the Sony OLED Microdisplay product line. The OLED Microdisplay series offers a high-quality display solution for applications using micro-sized displays in industrial and consumer electronics to provide a very high picture quality.

7th September 2018
VGA sensor features super-fast frame rates

Available from FRAMOS, the Sony IMX426 Pregius 3rd generation Global Shutter CMOS image sensor provides 9µm pixel size and reaches VGA resolution with 1,449 fps@10-bit for maximised throughput in Factory Automation. VGA resolution is sufficient to solve lots of application tasks in Factory Automation and ITS, it’s the image quality and bandwidth that makes the difference and brings precise and fast inspection results.

24th August 2018
Connecting Sony sensors to Xilinx FPGAs for the Asian market

Advanced digital medical imaging solutions provider, Vieworks, is using the recently released SLVS-EC RX IP Core for Xilinx FPGAs from global imaging expert FRAMOS. The FRAMOS IP Core to optimises resources and accelerates implementation with the latest Sony CMOS sensors, and focuses on the advanced Machine Vision applications in the Asian markets.

15th August 2018
EMCCD imager increases NIR image quality

An update to the successful Interline Transfer EMCCD KAE sensor family from ON Semiconductor has been launched, the newest model aims to provide high quality imaging in extreme low light conditions. The KAE-08152 is a 4/3” imager with 8.1 Megapixel resolution that provides increased Quantum Efficiency, specifically for NIR wavelengths.

13th August 2018
Block camera features 30x zoom and global shutter imaging

Tamron has launched its very first global shutter block camera. The MP2030M-GS is equipped with Sony’s IMX265, an industrial grade 1/1.8” Global Shutter CMOS sensor. This camera is combined with a built-in high-power 30x zoom lens and is suitable for both wide angle and telephoto pictures. In addition, the advanced feature set makes the new Tamron block camera a perfect 24/7 candidate for both day and night conditions in security...

1st August 2018
Sensor module for embedded video applications

  It has been announced that Sunex Optics has released its first sensor module, the MOD255I, based on its 4K Miniature DSL255 SuperFishEye Lens for easy digital video device development with embedded vision. 

11th July 2018
25GigE high speed area scan cameras launched

The addition of 25GigE cameras to their product line up has been announced by Emergent Vision Technology (EVT). The recently released 25GigE Vision successor includes all GigE benefits, but with a 2.5x increase in data and frame rates over 10GigE.

22nd June 2018
A fast solution for electronic view finders and wearables

The small video displays, OLED Micro-displays from Sony Semiconductor Solutions are for the reproduction of images that are well-suited for electronic view finders, and head-mounted devices. These very thin displays exhibit high brightness, operate at low power and are made from a solid Si-wafer substrate.

11th June 2018
CMOS imager for high-speed monitoring and sensing

The Sony IMX397 is a small 1/6.4” CMOS Global Shutter sensor with a pixel pitch of 3,45µm, and providing VGA resolution. It is a low noise, low power imager with a small footprint and a high-speed throughput of 240fps at full resolution. These qualities, together with MIPI output and a compact package, make this embedded low-cost imager a suitable option for Factory Automation, industrial applications, and sensing.

15th May 2018
SLVS-EC RX IP Core for Xilinx FPGA’s available at FRAMOS

FRAMOS has officially launched the first SLVS-EC RX IP Core for easy sensor interfacing with FPGAs from Xilinx. The proprietary FRAMOS FPGA module available with an Evaluation Kit, connects SONY’s latest high-speed SLVS-EC interface with Xilinx FPGAs and enables vision engineers to seamlessly upgrade to Sony’s interface technology of the future and to create high-performance vision solutions.

9th May 2018
Image sensors feature high speed interface for factory automation

SONY has released their new image sensors within its third generation Pregius line, featuring the SLVS-EC high speed interface. Both the CMOS Global Shutter IMX425 and the IMX432, with a 1.1” optical format, provide 1,78MP resolution, and a pixel pitch of 9µm for image quality. These next generation sensors are available at FRAMOS. The IMX425 is a suitable fit for high speed factory automation with an 8/10/12-bit A/D converter and a t...

3rd May 2018
Image sensor platform enables small footprint integration

  The XGS 12000 and XGS 8000 devices in the new X-Class CMOS image sensor platform from ON Semiconductor provide 12.6 and 8.8MP (4k UHD) global shutter imaging for machine vision, ITS, and, broadcast applications. All ON Semiconductor image sensors and accessories are available from FRAMOS.

Artificial Intelligence
11th April 2018
Latest vision solutions making machines see and think

FRAMOS will educate current and potential users about the latest advances in 3D technology and Embedded Vision and provide practical solutions to industry-specific challenges in Hall B at Booth 302. For a very easy integration of 3D technology equipping machines with human-like senses and the ability to see, sense, understand, interact, and learn, FRAMOS will showcase Intel's RealSense Technology with a live demonstration.

Events News
21st March 2018
FRAMOS Sensor Tech Days 2018 presents the latest news

The third FRAMOS Sensor Tech Days conference, held from 15th to 16th May in Hamburg, Germany, will offer the ideal platform for vision system developers to share information and exchange ideas. This workshop will feature exclusive presentations by SONY Japan, ON Semiconductor, INTEL and XILINX on current vision developments, new products and technologies and future trends and innovations.

7th March 2018
Ruggedised lens series minimises image aberration in robotics

Computar has designed the MPW2-R ruggedised lens series, a ruggedised version of its popular 5 Megapixel, 2/3" MPW2 series of machine vision lenses. Available through global imaging company FRAMOS, the lenses are made for machine vision applications in demanding environments, where maintaining optical integrity with vibrations, shocks, and temperature changes is critical. The very compact design with fixed F-stops and focal lengths allows embedde...

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