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23rd July 2021
Season 4 - Episode #5 - Bend me, shape me: Flexible organic LCDs and optics

In this podcast we’ll be speaking to Dr. Paul Cain, strategy director at FlexEnable. Paul has 20 years’ experience in the flexible electronics and displays industries, in both technical and strategic management roles. He has taken new flexible display technologies from lab to fab to commercial product and has 25 patents relating to processes and architectures that enable the high-yield manufacture of flexible displays. Cain has a PhD ...

21st August 2019
Glass-free OLCD technology enables bezel-less displays

FlexEnable has revealed an ultra-narrow border organic LCD (OLCD). By exploiting the truly flexible nature of the organic thin-film transistors (OTFTs) on which OLCD is based, it is now possible to fold the borders behind the display for the first time. This breakthrough provides a completely new approach to bezel-less screens that cannot be achieved with glass displays.

15th July 2019
The changing landscape of the display industry

The display market today is worth $120bn, primarily driven by smartphones and TVs. Over the next few years, annual display production will reach around a quarter of a million square metres, with most additional LCD capacity coming from the construction of new ‘Generation 10.5’ display fabs.

8th May 2018
OLCD technology to shape the future of the modern car

FlexEnable has announced that Novares will make equity investments into FlexEnable totaling €5m. This strategic investment will drive FlexEnable’s engineering and manufacturing efforts to bring flexible organic LCD (OLCD) to automotive interiors, changing where and how displays are used in vehicles. Automotive designers now have the freedom to replace today’s flat screens with bendable, wrappable, glass-free O...

20th January 2017
Plastic LCDs for autonomous vehicle interior concept

FlexEnable is collaborating with Yanfeng Automotive Interiors to create an Invisible A-pillar concept for an autonomous demonstrator. FlexEnable provided a 12.1” glass-free, conformable OLCD that has been incorporated into a car’s A-pillar to allow for greater visibility and safety. The demonstrator was included in YFAI’s XiM17 autonomous concept interior that made its world debut at the 2017 North American Auto Show (NAIAS) in ...

13th December 2016
LCD platform delivers large area flexible displays

FlexEnable has developed a 12.1” glass-free, conformable organic liquid crystal display (OLCD) marking an important milestone in the commersialisation of large area flexible displays. The technology is compatible with existing LCD production lines, and is scalable to even larger area displays to meet the immediate market needs for applications including automotive, consumer electronics, and digital signage.

22nd November 2016
Flexible fingerprint sensor to be showcased at TRUSTECH

A 500dpi flexible fingerprint sensor in a smart card form factor designed by FlexEnable is going to be showcased at TRUSTECH 2016 in Cannes, 29th November-1st December 2016. With biometric authentication becoming increasingly important for the smartcard industry, flexible fingerprint sensors open up new opportunities. 

25th February 2016
MWC 2016: Organic LCD transforms prototype smartwatch

A full colour, conformable organic LCD (OLCD) was shown by FlexEnable at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Curved into a smartwatch form factor, the 0.3mm thick display component demonstrates how mainstream wearables can be brought to life with displays and sensors using flexible electronics.

19th January 2016
First large area fingerprint & vein sensor on plastic

Designed for biometric applications, FlexEnable and ISORG have revealed the world’s first large area flexible fingerprint sensor on plastic. Only 0.3mm thick and operating in visible and near infra-red up to wavelengths of 900nm, this technology is capable of measuring not only the fingerprint, but also the configuration of veins in the fingers, providing additional security versus that of a surface fingerprint alone.

16th September 2015
Partnership enables glass-free conformed LCDs for cars

FlexEnable has announced that it will showcase the first conformed LCD in an integrated automotive application at IAA 2015. The demonstration shows how an LCD, the world’s most established and proven display technology, can be applied to glass-free, ergonomically shaped displays in cars without incurring the cost and stability issues of flexible OLED.

13th July 2015
FlexEnable Chief Scientist receives the 2015 Faraday medal

FlexEnable proudly congratulates its Chief Scientist and board member, Professor Henning Sirringhaus, for receiving the 2015 Faraday medal. Professor Sirringhaus has been granted the Institute of Physics’ accolade for ‘transforming our knowledge of charge transport phenomena in organic semiconductors as well as our ability to exploit them.’

3rd June 2015
Full-colour AMOLED display is glass-free & flexible

  FlexEnable has partnered with Chunghwa Picture Tube to drive the penetration of truly flexible AMOLED displays, a market predicted to explode to $16bn by 2020, according to the IDTechEX July 2014 report, The rise of plastic and flexible OLED displays.

29th May 2015
Glass-free organic LCDs are now cost effective

FlexEnable is announcing a technology breakthrough for the manufacture of full colour, Organic LCD (OLCD), making the manufacture of glass-free LCDs both practical and cost-effective for the first time.

16th April 2015
Global graphene value chain to be enhanced

FlexEnable has announced its participation in the Graphene Flagship, the EU’s 'biggest' initiative in the field of graphene and related materials. The company has a track record of groundbreaking graphene innovation and industrialisation. Last year the company successfully demonstrated a truly flexible display based on a transparent graphene conductor, which was integrated into its flexible transistor array.

Events News
2nd March 2015
Flexible electronics on show at MWC

FlexEnable will showcase its flexible electronics technology platform for mobiles and wearables for the first time at next week’s Mobile World Congress. The world’s first plastic in-plane switching LCD, which FlexEnable recently developed together with Merck, will be on show for the first time. Plastic LCDs have the potential of making products ten times thinner, more than ten times lighter and cheaper than those using conventional gl...

20th February 2015
David Cameron visits FlexEnable

  British Prime Minister, David Cameron yesterday visited FlexEnable's engineering centre and flexible rapid prototyping line in Cambridge. During his visit, Cameron was shown a number of the company’s recent technology breakthroughs by Indro Mukerjee, Chairman, FlexEnable.

12th February 2015
Plastic LCDs are cheap, light, thin & shatterproof

The partnership between FlexEnable and Merck has yielded an LCD which is completely free of glass, instead using organic transistors on a plastic sheet. Plastic LCD technology has the potential to make products ten times thinner, more than ten times lighter and cheaper than conventional glass-based displays while being shatterproof and even conformal.

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