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11th March 2024
Supply chain technology provider announces latest funding round

Finboot announced the completion of the first close of its latest funding round, aiming to accelerate its growth strategy with a significant focus on aiding companies in their transition to net zero through technology.

28th January 2021
How blockchain can hold the palm oil industry to account

Palm oil has risen in infamy as an enemy of sustainable agriculture over the past few years. It has long been a key raw material in many consumer goods products, but its production has come to be very negatively associated with climate change and human rights, making it a highly controversial commodity. This article explores how blockchain can hold the palm oil industry to account and ensure sustainable practices. By Juan Miguel Pére...

8th December 2020
Blockchain to enhance supply chain resiliency

Desigual, an international fashion brand headquartered in Barcelona, has partnered with enterprise blockchain group, Finboot to integrate its MARCO Track & Trace application within its import and export process to improve transparency and build resiliency in its supply chain.

13th October 2020
How can blockchain support the paradigm shift in retail rents?

New Look, a fashion retailer in the UK, last week completed its second Company Voluntary Agreement (CVA) and, by doing so, sparked a ground-breaking change to the retail rental model. New Look persuaded some 400+ landlords (c. 90% of its estate) to agree to rents based on shop turnover in order to better align store costs with trading conditions: a radical demand in a sector where the rental model is traditionally built on fixed rents that only g...

6th August 2020
How blockchain 'lawtech' can transform dispute resolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the urgent need for global connectivity that enables the business community to switch to remote operation at the flick of a switch.

31st July 2020
How companies can use blockchain to prevent auditing malpractice

Not too long ago, there was very little to link Wirecard, the disgraced payments platform in Aschheim, Germany, with Boohoo, the fast-fashion online retailer in Leicester, England, but both have recently been embroiled in high profile scandals. By Nish Kotecha, Chairman and Co-Founder of Finboot and Bryan Foss, NED, Visiting Professor at Bristol Business School and member of the FRC Audit & Assurance Council

8th July 2020
How blockchain can help us have trust in the food we eat

Today’s food supply chains are global, connected and generally efficient, but the COVID-19 pandemic has shone a spotlight on areas of weakness. The urgent need for robust and resilient systems and processes has been brought sharply into focus, and the combined food industry, like so many other sectors, has an opportunity to 'build back better' through the adoption of revolutionary technologies such as blockchain. By Nish Kotecha, Co-founde...

6th July 2020
Partnership to record agricultural data using blockchain

Finboot, the company behind the enterprise-grade blockchain middleware MARCO, has announced that it has partnered with Fidesterra, a Spain-based AgriTech group that is aiming to make agriculture more sustainable with the help of emerging technologies and to securely record agricultural data using blockchain. The partnership is one example of the way in which MARCO can be applied to AgriTech.

Cyber Security
26th May 2020
Finboot partners with LCAM to transform dispute resolution using blockchain

The company behind the enterprise-grade blockchain middleware MARCO, Finboot has announced it has partnered with the newly launched, London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation (LCAM), an organisation offering arbitration, expedited arbitration and mediation services, delivered by a diverse expert panel of arbitrators and mediators with many years’ experience in dispute resolution. LCAM operates under the auspices of The London Chamber...

11th May 2020
Successful blockchain implementation in supply chains

Finboot, the company behind the production-ready blockchain middleware MARCO, has announced that it has been included in the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) first ever Blockchain Deployment Toolkit as an example of a company that proves the value of the blockchain ecosystem within supply chains.

30th April 2020
How blockchain can resolve data privacy threats

Two of the world’s largest tech giants, Apple and Google, recently announced that they are collaborating on a COVID-19 tracking system to enable contact tracing - a measure that could pave the way for an exit strategyand look into data privacy threats for those countries enforcing stringent lockdown measures. By Angel Pateiro, CTO and Co-founder of Finboot & Yasmine Benjelloun Content creator at Finboot

23rd April 2020
How to enhance data management with blockchain

Efficient data management with blockchain has long been a cornerstone for any organisation and a way to generate valuable insights that can improve the corporate decision-making process. In the past few years, the focus on big data has resulted in an exponential increase in data volumes, sources and types. By Juan Miguel Pérez, CEO and Co-founder of Finboot & Yasmine Benjelloun Content Creator at Finboot

20th April 2020
Supply chain resilience in the wake of COVID-19

The world is in the midst of the largest remote working experiment it has ever seen, reinforcing the value of reliable data and supply chain resilience. More than ever before, we need to know where our data comes from and whether or not it can be trusted. By Nish Kotecha, Chairman and Co-founder of Finboot and Yasmine Benjelloun, Content Creator at Finboot

15th April 2020
How COVID-19 is accelerating digital transformation

As we all know, change is inevitable, and we have certainly seen a significant amount of it in recent months following the outbreak and spread of COVID-19. As nations have declared states of emergency to safeguard the health and safety of their citizens, businesses and people around the globe have had to find new ways of working in order to minimise disruption to daily operations, and digital transformation technologies are at the heart of i...

30th March 2020
How blockchain could transform global healthcare

In the globalised world we live in, entities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have been established to ensure cooperation between different governments on global healthcare-related issues. By Nish Kotecha, Chairman and Co-founder of Finboot

3rd March 2020
Blockchain: A revolution picking up momentum

I recently read a BBC article, the headline of which shocked me: 'Blockchain: The revolution that hasn't quite happened'. Yet, just a few days later, I read that the Bank of England has teamed up with other major central banks to assess the case for launching their own digital currencies as the debate rages on over the future of money. As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. By Nish Kotecha, Chairman and Co-founder of Finboo...

Alternative Energy
25th February 2020
How blockchain can maximise the potential of ESG initiatives

Over the past few years, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) responsibility has become a key business imperative and it’s clear that it’s here to stay. It is now being discussed at the highest levels, as we saw at this year’s World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, where sustainability sat at the heart of the agenda, with themes including 'How to save the planet' and 'Better business'. By Juan Miguel Pérez, CEO and C...

16th September 2019
The challenges facing enterprise adoption of blockchain

In the 20th century, we saw how automated machines transformed supply chains in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, with the key objectives of increasing productivity and streamlining logistics. Today, we are seeing a new wave of transformation with the emergence of technologies that have the power to further revolutionise supply chain efficiency. By: Juan Miguel Pérez, CEO and Co-Founder of Finboot

3rd July 2019
Blockchain’s coming of age in the enterprise world

At the Business Blockchain Summit in London recently, Dale Chrystie, FedEx’s Blockchain strategist, invoked the words of FedEx founder Frederick W. Smith, who said that in business there were no prizes coming second: to stay ahead, business must innovate. Today, enterprises are flooded with new ideas to replace the legacy and increasingly obsolete systems with new cloud-based technology.

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