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5th February 2024
German components distribution: negative outlook for 2024

Decline in sales and orders in Q4 2023 (according to FBDi e.V.), but 4% growth for the year as a whole. Orders expected to remain weak. Hopes for a recovery in the second half of 2024.

10th November 2023
German component distribution sees consolidation after three-year growth period

The German components distribution sector is witnessing a decline in bookings, a trend that is starting to impact revenues.

8th August 2023
Mixed German components distribution forecast

Not entirely unexpectedly, the second quarter ended with both good and bad news for the German components’ distribution.

7th February 2023
German components distribution: sales grow, order situation normalises

The fourth quarter of 2022 ended for German components distribution sector almost at the same sales level as the record quarter Q3.

7th November 2022
German components distribution continues to grow

While incoming orders continue to normalise, sales of components distributors (according to FBDi) benefit from a strong summer quarter with 44% growth.

11th August 2022
German component distribution has a strong second quarter

According to FBDI 43% increase in turnover and still high incoming orders characterise the second quarter of the German components distribution.

11th July 2022
EU battery regulation on the finish line

9th May 2022
German components distribution remains on record course

The German components distribution sector started into 2022 with sales growth of 51.1% to €1.15bn (Q1).

News & Analysis
15th February 2021
Q4 augurs better times for German distribution market

While other regions of the world achieved - in some cases significant - growth in 2020 despite COVID-19, Europe and particularly the German electronic components market were slow.

News & Analysis
18th May 2020
COVID-19 savages German component sales

There is no short-term prospect of an improvement in the German components distribution market as the COVID-19 crisis continues to bite. That is the bleak assessment of the FBDi, the German component distributors’ association.

22nd November 2018
FBDi sees solid Q3 growth for German distributors

The German component distribution market reported solid but sluggish growth for the third quarter of 2018. According to the distribution companies registered with the Fachverband Bauelemente Distribution (FBDi), sales during the period July to September 2018 grew by 4.7% to reach 980m euros.

24th August 2018
German disti market edges forward 5% in Q2

Stable but uninspired, a sort of backhanded compliment summarises the German component distribution market during the second quarter 2018. Sales by companies registered with the Fachverband Bauelemente Distribution (FBDi e.V.) grew in the months April, May and June by 5% (compared with Q2/2017) to 949m Euros.

23rd August 2017
German component distribution sales march on in Q2

German component distributors have reported a positive second quarter of 2017. From April to June sales by companies registered with the Fachverband Bauelemente Distribution (FBDi) in Germany grew by 12.2% to €904m - almost equalling the record Q1 result. The order situation remains positive, with an increase of 17.7% to €946m. The book-to-bill rate was 1.05.

6th June 2017
German distributors post record Q1 sales

Component distributors in Germany have enjoyed a cracking start to 2017. Following a mediocre 2016, sales by companies registered with the Fachverband Bauelemente Distribution (FBDi e.V.) in Germany grew 6.3% to reach 907m euros during the first quarter - a record result. The prospects for the upcoming quarters are even more promising, as orders have jumped 20% to over 1bn euros. The book-to-bill rate was 1.11.

7th March 2017
Components distribution finishes 2016 in growth mode

The German component distribution market has closed a rather inconsistent 2016 with a tiny plus in the fourth quarter. The turn-over of the FBDi member companies in Germany increased by 0.2%to 753 million Euros. Incoming orders increased by 9% to 854 million Euros, which resulted in a very healthy book-to-bill ratio of 1.13. The full year ended with sales of 3.21 billion (plus 2.3%).

17th February 2017
FBDi Environment Compass edition available now

The new edition of the FBDi Environmental and Compliance Compass is now available. By bundling the technical expertise of the Environment & Compliance Work Group, the FBDi Compass V2.7 offers valuable assistance to companies in all sectors spanning the entire supply chain regarding environmental directives relevant to the electronics industry.

1st September 2016
German electronic component distribution: remaining stable in Q2/2016

The member companies of the German electronic component distribution association FBDi report sales growth of 5.6% for the second quarter 2016; revenues totalled €81m. In summary, the first six months of the year recorded an increase in turn-over of 7.7%. Orders did not rise as strongly, increasing by 3.3% to €809m in the second quarter 2016. The order increase across the first half of the year was still 5.4%.

18th February 2016
German Battery Act to be amended

The amendment of the European Directive on Batteries and Accumulators adopted in 2013 has necessitated an amendment of the German Battery Act. The changes primarily concern the requirements related to bringing mercury-based button cells and cadmium-based non-rechargeable and rechargeable batteries as used in wireless electrical appliances into circulation.

21st August 2012
Environment and Compliance Compass available fromFBDi in English and German

Risk reduction and savings in time and manpower now available to international companies – the FBDi Compass offers all manufacturers and suppliers along the supply chain across all industries a clear aid with which to navigate EU-level directives and legislation pertaining to electronic components. Version 2.0 of the FBDi Compass includes regulations concerning WEEE2 and RoHS2.

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