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22nd August 2018
Facebook and NYU launch collaboration to improve MRI

Facebook and NYU School of Medicine’s Department of Radiology have announced fastMRI, a new collaborative research project that will investigate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to make magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans up to 10 times faster. If this effort is successful, it will make MRI technology available to more people, expanding access to this key diagnostic tool.

Artificial Intelligence
1st August 2017
What did the robots say to each other to get shut down at Facebook

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dismissed Elon Musk’s AI doomsday warnings as ‘irresponsible’. However, he might have to change his mind after what just happened at Facebook HQ. Facebook was forced to shut down two artificial intelligence robots after it appeared they were speaking to each other in a strange language only they understood. Researchers noticed that the robots – nicknamed Bob and Alice - had start...

21st April 2017
Facebook reveals plans for brain-computer interface

Facebook held its F8 conference in San Jose, California. While F8 involves announcing new features to the company’s namesake social media platform, Mark Zuckerberg and company shared details about a neurotechnology project being developed at their secretive research and development division called “Building 8”. The head of Building 8, Regina Dugan, revealed that Facebook is developing a brain-computer interface.

13th April 2016
Facebook introduces a 3D-360 video capture system

Facebook has recently announced the Facebook Surround 360, a high-quality, production-ready 3D-360 hardware and software video capture system. In designing this camera, Facebook wanted to create a professional-grade end-to-end system that would capture, edit and render high-quality 3D-360 video. In doing so, the company hoped to meaningfully contribute to the 3D-360 camera landscape by creating a system that would enable more VR content producers...

5th April 2016
Facebook tests tech to help blind people enjoy photos

Facebook began using AI to help people with visual impairments enjoy photos posted at the leading social network. Facebook introduced machine learning technology trained to recognise objects in pictures and then describe photos aloud. "As Facebook becomes an increasingly visual experience, we hope our new automatic alternative text technology will help the blind community experience Facebook the same way others enjoy it," said accessibility speci...

22nd February 2016
New steps towards the future of VR

Virtual reality is already something people can touch and feel with the Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus. Gear VR is 'the best mobile VR experience in the world' because it combines the VR software, built by Facebook’s Oculus team, with world-class mobile hardware, built by Samsung.

22nd February 2016
Facebook to pave the way for 5G

Social media network, Facebook have announced the Telecom Infra Project (TIP), an engineering-focused initiative that is bringing operators, infrastructure providers, system integrators and other technology companies together to collaborate on the development of new technologies and reimagine traditional approaches to building and deploying telecom network infrastructure.

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