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Eco Innovation
3rd August 2022
Eco Wave Power expects a boost to its US market penetration

Eco Wave Power Global AB has announced that the US President, Joe Biden, and Senate Majority Leader, Chuck Schumer, are promoting a $369bn renewable energy bill.

11th April 2022
Agreement to construct 2MW energy power station in Spain

Eco Wave Power Global AB (publ) (Nasdaq: WAVE, Nasdaq First North: ECOWVE) (“Eco Wave Power” or the “Company”), a leader in the production of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves, today announced that it has entered an official agreement with Port Adriano, Spain, for the potential construction of a wave energy power plant of up to 2MW.

Women in Tech
4th March 2022
Eco Wave Power to sponsor Women Challenge for Solidarity

Eco Wave Power Global AB has announced that the company is providing sponsorship to the Israeli Participants- Vanessa Allouche and Ulfat Haider, in the Sahraouiya “Women Challenge for Solidarity” Competition, taking place in Morocco.

Alternative Energy
22nd February 2022
Eco Wave Power finalises floater unit production

Eco Wave Power announced that it had finalised the production of all floaters required for the EWP-EDF One Project, and commenced installation of the floaters to the sea wall in the Port of Jaffa, Israel.  

Alternative Energy
2nd February 2022
Grid connection route works finalised

Eco Wave Power Global is pleased to announce that it has officially completed the grid connection route works in the Port of Jaffa, Israel, pursuant to the engineering coordination permit from the Municipality of Tel-Aviv Jaffa (permit number 2020-4345) for the deployment of the grid connection works of the EWP-EDF One wave energy project in Israel.

Alternative Energy
24th January 2022
Eco Wave Power announce legislation initiative

Eco Wave PowerA have held its official bell ringing ceremony on Nasdaq Stock Market to celebrate becoming a public company.

20th January 2022
Eco Wave Power enters into a collaboration agreement with AltaSea

Eco Wave Power has announced a collaboration with AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles (“AltaSea”).

Alternative Energy
18th January 2022
Coalition chosen as a finalist in EDA’s Build Back Better Regional challenge

Eco Wave Power has announced they have been selected as a finalist as part of coalition with other regional stakeholders in the $1bn Build Back Better regional challenge, led by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC).

Alternative Energy
13th January 2022
Collaboration to propel wave energy to the next level

Eco Wave Power and Ocean Power, two publicly traded wave energy companies, announced they are working to utilise their complementary technologies and skills to accelerate wave energy projects pursuant to an agreement previously signed.

5th January 2022
Eco Wave Power announces key milestone

Eco Wave Power Global AB has announced the first set of floaters and supporting structures for Eco Wave Power’s grid-connected project: EWP-EDF. Such equipment has been delivered to the Jaffa Port project site in Israel, marking a key milestone in the development of this innovative wave energy array.

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