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29th March 2024
Is it too soon to prepare for 6G connectivity in electronics manufacturing?

Move over, 5G. There is a new network connectivity on the block…

22nd February 2024
What can we expect from the European Chips Act in 2024?

A looming artefact of the pandemic, the global chip shortage, seems to be easing up; demand for consumer products like smartphones and games consoles has dropped and chip sales have slowed due to increased inflation. But are we out of the woods just yet?

News & Analysis
26th January 2024
The EC Electronics Group has acquired Liad Electronics

EC Electronics Group, an electronics manufacturing services provider, has announced its acquisition of Liad Electronics, a company based in the Netherlands. This strategic move has been supported by financing from Shawbrook Bank and Rockpool Investments.

12th January 2024
5 electronics industry trends to expect in 2024

Despite the challenging global economic environment, the electronics industry has held its own in 2023.

10th January 2024
Product realisation: 6 steps to bring your ideas to life

From the vacuum tube in 1901 to the latest iPhone, all electronic devices started from an idea.

Eco Innovation
8th August 2023
Encouraging sustainable practices in EMS

Over half of the 9.2 billion tonnes of plastic manufactured since the 1950s has ended up as waste, contributing to the growing environmental crisis we face today.

12th June 2023
Lead Times and Supply: Electronics Manufacturing Update 2023

It has been a turbulent few years for the electronics manufacturing industry, Phil Simmonds, CEO of EC Electronics explores.

18th May 2023
Modernising railways with transport electronics

In today’s fast-paced world, people have come to expect speed and efficiency at every juncture – particularly when it comes to transport.

1st May 2023
How will 6G shape the future of electronics?

If you own a mobile phone, you are likely familiar with seeing 3G, 4G or even 5G symbols at the top of your screen.

26th April 2023
What part do electronics play in the oil and gas industry?

Oil and natural gas resources are in high demand for the fuel and energy sectors – and this demand is only increasing over time, with significant changes and developments as renewable energy quickly becomes a core focus worldwide.

18th January 2023
Full speed ahead: automotive electronics trends for 2023

It is no secret that the automotive industry has faced several challenges in recent years — from supply chain delays and rising inflation to skills and labour shortages.

News & Analysis
13th December 2022
EC Electronics acquires Swan EMS

EC Electronics is pleased to announce the acquisition of Swan EMS from owners Simon Williams and Adrian Nicholls.

29th July 2022
Sensors and instruments: supporting the future of technology

As the era of digitisation progresses, we are seeing the sensors and instruments markets developing through a crucially formative stage, with massive potential for growth across industries such as IT, communication, entertainment, and home appliances. Phil Simmonds, Chief Executive Officer of EC Electronics discusses.

30th June 2022
E-waste management: aiming for sustainable electronics

Electronics manufacturers carry the weight of electronic waste, known as e-waste, with every product. This piece from Phil Simmonds, CEO of EC Electronics, discusses various views and insights on how to achieve successful of e-waste management in the industry.

30th June 2022
Key considerations for designing wearable tech

The wearable technology market is perhaps the clearest example of innovation and growth within the tech industry, with new efficient, compact and convenient solutions released every year.

20th May 2022
Electrifying automotive: electric car trends in 2022

Despite what has been a rocky few years for the car market, rising demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is restoring confidence in this sector in the post-pandemic world. Phil Simmonds, Chief Executive Officer of EC Electronics offers his views on electric car trends and what lies ahead for EV.  

21st April 2022
How has the pandemic accelerated health technology?

Technology has been essential over the past few years, facilitating remote working and improving efficiency in manufacturing and industrial settings. As a result, the UK technology sector grew six times faster than the wider national economy in 2019 and has gone from strength to strength ever since — despite the logistical issues presented by supply chain bottlenecks, lockdowns and Brexit red tape. Phil Simmonds, Chief Executive Officer of ...

28th September 2021
Teaching the new generation: Electronic assembly for engineers (EAE)

As the demand for high-quality electronics products and equipment continues to grow at record rates, so does the electronics manufacturing industry.

Aerospace & Defence
29th July 2021
Considerations for electronics in the marine sector

The widespread growth in the marine industry is forecast to continue across many different areas - from naval defence to trade and fishing. Phil Simmonds, Chief Executive Officer of EC Electronics explains

29th July 2021
Opening up – implications for the electronics industry

After over a year of lockdown restrictions, the UK recently took another huge step forward in the journey out of the pandemic. Phil Simmonds, CEO at EC Electronics explains the likely impact on the electronics industry.

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