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13th May 2020
TargetLink 5.0 production code generator supports AUTOSAR

dSPACE has launched a new version of its established production code generator TargetLink, which now supports the Adaptive AUTOSAR standard. The scope of Adaptive AUTOSAR support in TargetLink 5.0 will be expanded in the coming months in close cooperation with users.

22nd April 2020
Cooperation in radar sensors for autonomous driving

As radar systems are a key technology for automated and autonomous driving Uhnder and dSPACE have agreed to cooperate to ensure that the developments in radar sensor technology can keep the pace with the high safety requirements in traffic. Both companies will support each other in the continuous development of sensors and validation solutions.

Test & Measurement
26th March 2020
Solution for developing and testing smart charging

The DS5366 Smart Charging Solution from dSPACE offers automobile manufacturers and providers of charging stations a complete solution for developing and testing technologies for smart charging.

7th February 2017
Octa-core processing unit delivers more power

An additional processing unit has been introduced by dSPACE for SCALEXIO Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) test systems. Equipped with an octa-core Intel Xeon Processor E5, the new processing unit is useful for the parallel execution of complex and computationally intensive simulation models. 

23rd September 2016
Hardware-in-the-loop simulator for your desk

With the new SCALEXIO LabBox, dSPACE now offers a compact system for HIL (hardware-in-the-loop) tests. The LabBox fits on every desk and can therefore be used for early function tests right at the developers' workplace.

25th May 2016
Expanded toolchain creates new possibilities

Opening up a range of new options for using the latest CAN FD data bus standard in rapid control prototyping (RCP), dSPACE has extended its tool chain.

8th March 2016
dSPACE & Intempora sign ADAS tool chain partnership

dSPACE and Intempora have announced an exclusive cooperation that aims at providing a superior tool chain for developing ADAS and highly automated driving functions. In line with this agreement, dSPACE will globally and exclusively distribute RTMaps (Real-Time Multisensor applications) from Intempora, an innovative and unparallelled software environment for multisensor applications.

27th January 2016
Code generator to cover standards in development of embedded software

With its latest release, dSPACE has optimised its production code generator, TargetLink, to cover prominent standards in the development of embedded software. TargetLink 4.1 supports the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) 2.0 and the latest version of the AUTOSAR standard, AUTOSAR 4.2.  Moreover, MISRA C compliance and code efficiency have been increased futher and modular, model-based development is even easier now.

22nd January 2016
Efficient data handling during testing and development

dSPACE has recently introduced a new version of its data management software for model-based development and ECU testing. With improved usability, SYNECT now offers improved support to developers of embedded systems and software in the management of data generated during their development and test processes.

Test & Measurement
13th December 2015
V2X development and test solution enables easy data analysis

With the recent Release 2015-B, dSPACE has launched its new V2X Solution.  Through a dedicated blockset directly within the Simulink environment, this solution gives users easy access to Vehicle-to-X (V2X) WLAN ad-hoc communication according to IEEE 802.11p.  It also enables the graphical analysis of V2X-relevant data in dSPACE ControlDesk Next Generation. 

16th July 2015
Automation software modernises how ECU testing is performed

AutomationDesk, the proven test automation software from dSPACE, brings numerous innovations with the release of its latest version, AutomationDesk 5.0.  The latest version significantly modernises how ECU testing is performed. Its unique, signal-based test description makes it possible to quickly create and execute clear, intuitive tests. The features of AutomationDesk 5.0 enable efficient testing of complex camera-based ADAS.

12th February 2015
Development platform features over 100 I/O channels

Offering high computing power and comprehensive functionality, dSPACE has introduced a compact control system development platform for laboratory use, MicroLabBox. According to dSPACE, the platform makes creating, optimising and testing controllers, and implementing data acquisition applications easy and cost-efficient for both industry and academia.

6th February 2015
Generator uses matrix calculations to provide high-quality code

Control algorithms using state-space representation for highly complex applications, such as ADAS, can be modeled efficiently with dSPACE's production code generator TargetLink version 4.0, which provides matrix calculations. These complex control algorithms with matrix calculations can be converted into high-quality production C code, and the resulting auto-generated code is easy to integrate with legacy software.

14th October 2014
Software library smooths path to real time simulation

The new dSPACE Power RealTime Library enables faster and easier simulation of circuit models that were developed in SimPowerSystems (MathWorks Simulink).  Two typical application areas are wind energy generators and electric drives in vehicles and aircraft. The dSPACE Power RealTime Library provides mean value models of power electronics bridge circuits that precisely emulate the electrical characteristics of fast-switching power semiconduct...

10th September 2014
i7 processor powers PC extension for prototyping system

The Embedded PC extension, designed for dSPACE's MicroAutoBox II prototyping system, is now powered by an Intel Core i7 processor. While the real-time component of a control system under development is calculated on the real-time processor of the MicroAutoBox II, the non-real-time component is processed on the Embedded PC.

15th August 2014
HIL technology boosted with MP simulation extension

SCALEXIO, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) technology from dSPACE, has been given a boost with an extension for a multi-processor (MP) simulation platform. The extension allows users to connect several SCALEXIO multi-core processing units to create simulation platforms for real-time computation. This gives embedded systems, requiring computationally intensive, high-fidelity simulation models, the ability to handle validation and verification tasks for ...

30th July 2014
dSpace announces support for FMI Standard 2.0

On July 25, 2014, the Modelica Association Project Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) announced the release of the FMI standard 2.0. dSPACE is among the first providers to provide tool chain support to the FMI standard 2.0; a manufacturer-independent interface that allows users to integrate simulation models from different modeling tools into one overall model. 

Artificial Intelligence
26th June 2014
Virtual Road Traffic with ASM Traffic 3.0

dSPACE has extended its simulation model for traffic and environment simulations to support the development and testing of advanced driver assistance systems.  dSPACE ASM Traffic 3.0, part of the Automotive Simulation Models (ASM) library, has all the features necessary for using simulation to test active safety systems - such as autonomous emergency braking and emergency steering assistance.  Engineers using this technology can verify ...

20th June 2014
Processor board from dSPACE boosts performance

dSPACE has introduced a new processor board for real-time systems, the DS1007 PPC Processor Board. The DS1007 handles demanding computing requirements for developing control systems for complex modern applications. Control engineers developing complex applications - electric drives, autonomous systems and vehicles, active noise suppression, etc. - require high computation power and very fast I/O access. These applications require a high-spee...

4th April 2014
Software enables FPGA use in control tasks

The XSG AC Motor Control (XSG = Xilinx System Generator) Library software, from dSpace, aims to develop  control systems for electric drives. The library enables engineers to program Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) for use in control tasks with dSPACE MicroAutoBox II and SCALEXIO systems, as well as modular dSPACE hardware.

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