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8th May 2019
Are drones the future of firefighting?

“The use of drones by fire services is nothing new, however the tragic incident at Notre Dame highlights the importance of this technology in improving the safety of firefighters, enhancing the effective targeting of firefighting efforts on a large-scale blaze and, most importantly, saving lives.”

17th April 2019
New technology vital to the future protection of our forests

“World leaders must look towards drone technology as a solution, not a problem, when attempting to solve the decline of the world’s forests as governments are forced to act over climate change before it is too late.” This announcement, from Robert Garbett, Founder and Chief Executive of Drone Major Group, the global Drone and Counter Drone consultancy, comes on the 100th anniversary of the Forestry Commission which has...

23rd November 2018
How to solve the drone challenge of ‘out of sight flying’

London’s City Hall has recently played host to a meeting of leading drone industry stakeholders who gathered to discuss how best to harness UK expertise to enable the delivery of ‘Beyond Visual Line of Sight’ (BVLOS) and ‘Vertical Take-Off and Landing’ (VTOL) Drone Flights and ‘Unmanned Traffic Management’ (UTM) systems for drones. 

21st November 2018
First ever world drone standards unveiled

Today, the first ever worldwide standards for the drone industry are being released by the International Standards Organisation (ISO). 

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16th August 2018
Dedicated services for drone industry entrepreneurs

  The first ever dedicated incubator and start-up services for entrepreneurs, professionals and enthusiasts within the drone industry have been launched by SUAS Global the world’s largest online drone network.

25th June 2018
"Forecasts for drones are wrong" claims British expert

  At the Drone World Congress in Shenzhen, China on 23rd June, Robert Garbett, Founder and Chief Executive of Drone Major Group, delivered a keynote speech.

6th June 2018
Drones are transforming our interaction with the oceans

For millennia human interaction with the world’s oceans has been one of great contrast. You have on one hand, the relationship has been built on reliance, with great dependence placed on these waters for food and commerce. However, on the other, interaction has been defined by mystery and intrigue, with as much as 95% of the world's oceans and 99% of the ocean floor remaining unexplored according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admi...

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13th March 2018
British Science Week aims to tackle plastic pollution with drones

For some time now, plastic pollution has been at the forefront of the environmental news agenda, but it’s only in the last few years where governments, corporations and the everyday consumer have come together to ramp up their efforts and face this problem head on. Most recently, restaurant chains and supermarkets have confirmed their commitment to reducing the level of plastic in their products, while governments have urged people to recyc...

1st March 2018
2018 drone standards aim to revolutionise UK economy

This Spring we will see more than just some warmer weather, new drone standards are set to be unveiled, and are expected to lead to strengthened public confidence in safety, security and compliance within an industry which is set to be one of the fastest growth sectors in the world. These standards are set to release the true potential of this industry, which will revolutionise the way we live, and transform business sectors from transp...

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31st January 2018
Drones reach for the stars! But watch this space...

  Although the drone revolution in well underway globally in today’s industry, the association between drones and space is largely unreported. Drones may seem like a relatively new phenomenon, but in fact they have been roaming space for the last 60 years in the form of satellites.

22nd January 2018
The answer to the cross-Channel question...

  Robert Garbett, Founder and Chief Executive of UK-based Drone Major Group, which provides services to connect and support suppliers and end-users within the drone industry throughout the world has an alternative vision for cross-channel connectivity.

22nd November 2017
Are we on the brink of a technology revolution?

As evidenced by Chancellor of Exchequer Philip Hammond, in today’s Autumn budget, ‘The world is on the brink of a technological revolution’. Over the last few years the drone market has grown exponentially with a number of reporters labelling 2018 as the year of the drone.

10th November 2017
All I want for Christmas is a £26,000 drone

  Struggling to think of a gift idea for a friend or family member who just has it all? It’s time to think again. Christmas shopping no longer needs to drone on as Drone Major comes to the rescue. The online drone portal company has compiled a Christmas list of what it believes to be some of the best drones on the market at different price points.

27th September 2017
Global connectivity platform launched for drone industry

A new group of companies focused on the fast growing drone industry has been launched, bringing together a number of complementary businesses which provide connectivity for the first time ever to the global drone industry. Drone Major Group claims to be the first company in the world to provide a unique and integrated suite of products and services to the global drone industry at what is an important time in the development of standards and ...

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