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25th April 2024
Bitcoin to hit NEW all-time highs again in 2024?

Bitcoin is predicted to hit fresh all-time highs in the coming months, despite having recently decreased in price, predicts Nigel Green, CEO of one of the world's largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisations.

28th February 2024
Is a new Bitcoin all-time high in sight?

Bitcoin surpassed $59,000 in price in late February, and it could hit a new all-time high within weeks, predicts the CEO of deVere.

Eco Innovation
17th July 2023
Bitcoin can help mitigate climate change emergency

Bitcoin could help mitigate the climate change emergency that we’re seeing in real time as swathes of the northern hemisphere experience extreme heatwaves, affirms the CEO of deVere.

9th May 2023
Do AI stocks have a place in your investment portfolio?

AI stocks should now be part of most investors’ portfolios as Big Tech prepares for an AI boom, suggests the CEO and Founder of deVere Group.

News & Analysis
24th April 2023
EU’s landmark crypto legislation will drive cryptocurrency prices

The EU Parliament’s passing of the Markets in Crypto Act, or MiCA, on Thursday has been hailed as a “landmark moment” for cryptocurrencies that will “help drive prices” for the likes of Bitcoin, by the CEO of one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory, asset management and fintech organisations.

News & Analysis
17th April 2023
Bank of England & Treasury urged to use private sector for new digital pound

The Bank of England and the Treasury are ‘inevitably’ set to launch a digital pound and it is ‘critical’ that they involve the private sector, warns the CEO and Founder of deVere Group.

Artificial Intelligence
17th March 2023
AI will reshape the finance sector

AI is set to play an ever-increasing role in financial services and will “fundamentally reshape” the industry for firms, consumers, and markets, says the CEO and founder of deVere Group.

News & Analysis
6th March 2023
US race for digital dollar fuels case for Bitcoin

With the US government’s work on a potential digital dollar accelerating, alongside efforts seen in other countries like the UK, the case for Bitcoin becomes “significantly stronger.”

News & Analysis
7th February 2023
Digital pound strengthens case for Bitcoin and crypto

The UK’s plans for a digital pound to be launched later this decade underscore that digital currencies are the future of finance and strengthen the case for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

News & Analysis
31st January 2023
Don’t bet against big tech long-term amid earning reports fears

Don’t bet against big tech, despite the current sell-off ahead of a big week of earnings reports from tech heavyweights including Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, and Meta.

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