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Artificial Intelligence
6th February 2024
AI Fairness Innovation Challenge winners announced

Four organisations have been chosen to receive funding from the Government's AI Fairness Innovation Challenge to develop innovative solutions aimed at combatting bias and discrimination within AI systems across sectors such as higher education, healthcare, finance, and recruitment.

Artificial Intelligence
1st February 2024
Expertise drives international AI safety report

The international AI safety report is getting a boost as a gathering of international experts drive the project forward.

News & Analysis
31st January 2024
Dual agreements cement UK-Canada science and innovation ties

The UK and Canada have signed a dual set of agreements which cements their collaboration on science and innovation, while also laying out a new agreement on AI compute – one of the fundamental building blocks which sits at the heart of how AI is used and developed.

20th December 2023
Revealed: the secret behind Santa’s Christmas Eve delivery run

It’s been a mystery for children and parents alike for millennia – but leaked footage of a conversation between the Science and Technology Secretary and the Government Chief Scientific Adviser has revealed how Father Christmas manages to deliver billions of presents across the world in just one night.

6th December 2023
New Cyber Explorers Cup competition launched in UK

New Cyber Explorers Cup competition launched for pupils across the UK to boost their tech skills.

News & Analysis
27th November 2023
Plans to boost clean aviation and marine tech announced

At the Global Investment Summit, the Science and Technology Secretary announced new plans for the safe, proportionate regulation of high-potential technologies such as clean aviation and drones.

21st November 2023
Sci-tech deal with South Korea to boost AI and semiconductor tech

The UK’s partnership with the Republic of Korea will be pushed to new heights with a series of science and tech deals to be signed by Secretary of State Michelle Donelan, Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy Bang Moon-kyu, and Minister of Science and ICT Lee Jong Ho, at the Royal Society.

Artificial Intelligence
1st November 2023
Nations and AI experts convene for day one of first global AI Safety Summit

Leading AI nations, businesses, civil society, and AI experts will convene at Bletchley Park today for the first ever AI Safety Summit where they’ll discuss the global future of AI and work towards a shared understanding of its risks.

19th October 2023
Independent report finds UK leads the way with AI Standards Hub

An independent report has found the UK leads the way internationally with its first of a kind AI Standards Hub.

News & Analysis
18th October 2023
Funding boost for UK innovation in networked technologies

Funding has been awarded to the X-Catapult Consortium to build a network of industry, academia and the wider public sector working in networked technologies such as including robotics, augmented and virtual reality, and digital twins – virtual environments where real-world objects, such as buildings or wind turbines, can be tested and perfected using advanced computer simulations.

Artificial Intelligence
25th September 2023
Government calls on businesses, academics, and charities to take AI action

Leading civil society groups and tech bodies are partnering with the UK Government to host a series of events in the run-up to the UK hosting the world’s first summit on AI safety.

20th September 2023
Landmark agreement with Israel takes UK global science mission to new heights

Israel will become the latest country to sign a landmark agreement with the UK, to collaborate on science and innovation, when the two countries’ Science Ministers meet in London on the 20th September.

14th September 2023
Science champions to cement UK leadership in safe, responsible biology breakthroughs

The UK’s global leadership in the safe and responsible use of engineering biology will be driven forward by the first-ever meeting of the UK Biosecurity Leadership Council, bringing together some of the UK’s brightest minds from the worlds of science, research, and business.

Quantum Tech
7th September 2023
£15m competition to accelerate the use of quantum technologies

The first winners of a £15 million competition to explore the benefits of using quantum technologies in the Government’s work across areas like health, transport, and net zero have been announced today.

6th September 2023
UK COVID drug development facility granted £500m upgrade fund

The science facility which kickstarted the UK’s world leading COVID drug development and has advanced treatments of global health challenges from HIV to malaria and cancer will be upgraded and expanded through a more than £500m investment, Science and Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan has announced.

Artificial Intelligence
10th August 2023
Experts to spearhead AI Safety Summit preparations

Two leading experts have been appointed to spearhead preparations for the UK to host the first major international AI Safety Summit, as the Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan announces £13 million to transform healthcare research.

Artificial Intelligence
3rd August 2023
Google AI training supports UK as the ‘Home of AI’

Google’s AI training programme has been labelled a “vote of confidence” in ambitions to make the UK the “Home of AI”, according to Michelle Donelan, head of the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology.

1st August 2023
Boost for broadband and 5G coverage revolution

British innovators working to revolutionise 5G and broadband coverage for every corner of the UK could be in line to secure up to £160 million from a scheme to deliver the next generation of high-tech satellites, Science and Technology Secretary Michelle Donelan announced.

News & Analysis
27th July 2023
New fund opens in UK to boost science and tech research

Up to £50 million of Government investment in new UK research ventures will encourage greater private and philanthropic backing for UK science, research and innovation under new plans unveiled on 26th July.

Aerospace & Defence
20th July 2023
National Space Council re-launches UK space superpower ambitions

The National Space Council met for the first time since its reinstatement, as part of the UK’s mission to become a true space superpower and fulfil the country’s ambition to become Europe’s leading provider of small commercial launches by 2030. This builds on the already extraordinary growth of the UK space sector, which employs almost 49,000 people and generates an income of £17.5 billion. 

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