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14th March 2023
Codasip and IAR demonstrate dual-core lockstep for RISC-V

Codasip and IAR deliver new possibilities for low-power embedded automotive applications through the award-winning Codasip L31 core and the safety-certified version of the development toolchain IAR Embedded Workbench for RISC-V.

15th February 2023
embedded world 2023: Codasip presents on custom compute and RISC-V design

Codasip will present technical sessions on RISC-V together with partners Menta and Siemens at next month’s embedded world 2023.

13th December 2022
Codasip launches SecuRISC5 initiative

Codasip launched SecuRISC5, a Codasip initiative to provide its customers with safe and secure custom compute using highly verified reference designs combining Codasip IP and third-party technology.

News & Analysis
7th December 2022
Codasip launches Codasip Labs

Codasip announced the establishment of Codasip Labs as an innovation hub within the company.

1st December 2022
Codasip to showcase processor customisation

At RISC-V Summit 2022, Codasip will present solutions for implementing safety and security in RISC-V IP. In addition, the company will demonstrate the benefits of its unique processor customisation offering. The technology will be presented as demos in booth PG2 and in conference sessions.

Cyber Security
10th November 2022
Codasip to boost RISC-V security with Cerberus acquisition

Codasip, the leader in processor design automation and RISC-V processor IP, has announced that it has acquired Cerberus Security Labs. The company’s IoT security IP and experienced team will enable Codasip customers to quickly embed secure solutions for RISC-V processor designs.

22nd September 2022
Codasip joins OpenHW Group for RISC-V verification

Codasip has joined OpenHW Group. Together with the existing OpenHW ecosystem, Codasip will contribute to the development of standards across various techniques including formal verification. Codasip will contribute supporting IP, tools, and methodologies to help the wider community benefit from its experience in the development of high-quality, standard and customised RISC-V cores.

22nd June 2022
Codasip adds Veridify secure boot to RISC-V processors

Codasip has announced that quantum-resistant secure tools from Veridify Security Inc. are now available to support Codasip’s RISC-V processors with a secure-boot function. Veridify’s secure algorithm validates firmware as it loads onto the Codasip processor to reassure RISC-V developers that embedded systems are secure.

2nd February 2022
Codasip appoints Functional Safety VP

Dave Higham’s expertise in ISO 26262 and security drives Codasip’s custom processor opportunities.

23rd November 2021
Codasip adopts Imperas for RISC-V processor verification

Imperas Software and Codasip have announced that Codasip has adopted Imperas reference designs and the Imperas DV solution for Codasip IP.

27th October 2021
Codasip boosts studio processor design tools with AXI automation

Codasip has announced further enhancements to its Studio processor design toolset. Features in Studio 9.1 include an expanded bus support with full AXI for high-performance designs, as well as improved support for LLVM and improved code density.

1st February 2018
Studio 7 provides design and productivity tools for RISC-V processors

The launch of the 7th generation Codasip Studio, the IP-design and customisation software that allows for fast configuration and optimisation of RISC-V processors, customer-proprietary processor architectures, and their accompanying software development toolchains, has been announced by Codasip.

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