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15th February 2021
VM3S series sealed snap-action switches available

CIT Relay & Switch has launched the miniature VM3S and subSeries process sealed snap-action switches. Available in either SPST normally open or normally closed, or SPDT, these UL/cUL recognised switches offer numerous actuator styles including pin plunger, standard, short and long hinge levers, roller and simulated roller.

28th April 2020
UL & TÜV approved VM3 series snap action switch

CIT Relay & Switch has announced that it is now offering the VM3 Series Snap Action Switches with UL and TÜV approval. Featuring 0.187” or 0.250” termination, the VM3 Series offers SPST NO, SPST NC or SPDT functions with operating force from 80gF up to 180gF.

4th February 2020
Automotive relay with low temperature rise

It has been announced that CIT Relay & Switch is now offering the new 50A A2H Series automotive relay with low temperature rise. This newest addition to the CIT relay family offers features of an option of PC pin or quick connect mounting and two styles of mounting flanges. 

21st August 2019
Anti‐vandal switches customisation offered

CIT Relay & Switch offers a broad line of sealed, illuminated Anti‐Vandal switches. Ranging from 10mm up to 40mm, the styles offer dot and ring illumination with CUSTOM laser printing available, with body and actuator finish options including stainless steel, nickel and anodised aluminium.

22nd January 2019
Automotive relays with switching capacity of 80A

Automotive relays are being provided by CIT Relay & Switch, from low current up to its highest switching capacity of 80A with voltage ranging from six to 72VDC. PC pin and quick connect mounting methods offer multiple choices for the design engineer, along with the option of mounting tabs in plastic and metal. 

17th July 2018
Broad range of process sealed switches

Process sealed switches offer dust tight housing with protection against splashing water, low pressure water jets or temporary immersion up to one meter with sealing degree reaching up to IP67. Also available with some series’ are protective splash proof boots. 

12th July 2018
UL approved relays with 50A rating

It has been announced that CIT Relay & Switch is offering the J115F Series 50A relay with UL approval and shorter than industry average lead times. The rugged J115F Series has high dielectric strength coil to contact up to 4000VRMS.

14th March 2018
Short lead times and lower prices

CIT Relay & Switch has offered two automotive relays with shorter than industry standard lead time and better than industry standard pricing. The A6 Series automotive relay for sale is small in size and light weight. Offering low coil power consumption, switching current is up to 30A with contact arrangement choices of 1A or 1C. Coil voltage options for this relay are 12VDC or 24VDC with coil power of 0.9W or 1.3W.

8th November 2017
Illuminated anti-vandal pushbutton receives UL approval

CIT Relay & Switch has offered a broadline of sealed illuminated anti-vandal switches. Ranging in size from 12mm up to 40mm, the styles offer ring and dot illumination, the international standby symbol or non-illuminated options. Mushroom actuators along with raised or flat actuators give the design engineer a multitude of options. IP67 sealing is standard along with a choice of body and actuator colours including stainless steel, nickel and ...

24th July 2017
CIT introduces the latest process sealed switches

CIT Relay & Switch has offered IP67 Process Sealed slide, toggle and rocker switches. The SMS Series slide switch is sub-miniature in size, offering a choice of single or double poles, termination in standard PC pin or horizontal mount, right angle PC pin. The CST Series toggle switch has gold contacts with single or double pole option. Sub-miniature in size, the CST Series is available with vertical or horizontal mount ch...

23rd January 2017
Latching snap-action switches available in new series

  Now offering a long life VM3 Series snap-action switch with a latching option is CIT Relay & Switch. These UL/CUL recognised switches are available with 0.187” or 0.250” termination.

16th November 2016
Low cost DIP switches compatible with SMT assembly

  A low cost series of DIP switches with increased automation has been introduced by CIT Relay & Switch. Offering both extended and recessed actuators, the K Series DIP switches are available in through-hole, Gull Wing and J Lead termination. 

17th August 2016
30-50A relays feature heavy contact load and HP ratings

CIT Relay & Switch offers the J115F1, J115F2 and J115F3 series with ratings from the 30A low cost economy (E) version to the robust 50A heavy duty version. The rugged J115F series offer high dielectric strength coil to contact of up to 4,000Vrms. Heavy contact load and HP ratings are hallmarks of this performance relay.

27th July 2016
CIT Relay & Switch and switch offers 12mm vandal resistant pushbutton

CIT Relay & Switch offers the FH series in a small but robust package size of 12mm. This panel mount switch line is heavy-duty and rugged in construction - both splash and vandal resistant. The FH series is available as momentary in SPST. Flush and raised actuator styles offer nonilluminated, bi-colour ring illumination or dot illumination.

28th June 2016
Snapaction switches offer a choice of SPST or SPDT circuitry

The CIT Relay & Switch miniature VM3 and the sub-miniature SM3 Series of snapaction switches offer a choice of SPST or SPDT circuit. These UL/CUL recognized switches are available in 0.110" quick connect, solder lug, PC terminal and right angle PC termination. As with all CIT switch product, the snap-action VM3 & SM3 are RoHS compliant and include multiple lever and gram force options.

11th December 2015
Contactors offer double or three pole styles

CIT Relay & Switch is now offering the C100 Series contactors. Available in double and three pole styles, the C100 Series offers high quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. This UL/cUL certified contactor offers a convenient mounting plate with heavy duty contacts to ensure long electrical life.

28th October 2015
Latching relay targets energy smart applications

  CIT Relay & Switch has announced the L115F2 series latching relay which is suitable for use in energy smart applications. The UL/cUL approved L115F2 is a single coil power relay that can withstand heavy contact load with strong shock and vibration resistance.

19th August 2015
Relays feature up to 4000Vrms coil-to-contact dielectric strength

  CIT Relay & Switch is now offering the J115F series of relays with 50A rating. The devices, which are UL/cUL certified and RoHS compliant, feature up to 4000Vrms coil-to-contact dielectric strength. In addition, the relays are UL F class rated standard.

25th June 2015
Relays available for applications requiring currents of up to 80A

  CIT Relay & Switch offers a broad line of mechanical automotive relays. The company can support a wide range of applications, from those requiring low currents to currents of up to 80A.

12th June 2015
Tact switches available with several LED colour options

A tactile family of switches with lighted, sealed, thruhole, right angle and surface mount terminal options have been released by CIT Relay & Switch. The devices are offered with a multitude of choices in cap styles, many of which are available with and without LED hole and several optional frames.

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