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18th November 2023
Electric flying passenger ship launches, enters production

Swedish tech company Candela Technology AB has announced that the Candela P-12, their first electric hydrofoiling passenger vessel, has successfully completed test flights in Stockholm and is now moving into serial production at Candela's Rotebro factory.

17th October 2023
Candela starts production of electric C-8 ‘powered by Polestar’ boat

Production has begun of Candela's C-8 'powered by Polestar' electric daycruiser, ushering in a new era where electric boats can cover hundreds of miles in a day, with DC charging.

22nd September 2023
Electric Boat Shatters World Record

Imagine traveling by electric boat from London to Amsterdam and back within 24 hours?

14th September 2023
Meet the flying electric boat that eliminates seasickness

The Candela C-8 is the first electric hydrofoiling boat in production. It soars above the water on two wings, reducing drag and energy consumption by 80%, leading to long range at high speed.

23rd May 2023
The Candela C-8 Polestar edition

Polestar and Candela reveal the next phase of their partnership – the Candela C-8 Polestar edition.

5th April 2023
World's most popular boat type goes electric

Centre console craft for fishing, families, and watersports are the most popular type of boats in the world - and also some of the most power-consuming vessels on water. With its efficient, fast-flying hydrofoiling C-8 CC, Swedish tech firm Candela aims to electrify the number one boat segment.

Aerospace & Defence
20th March 2023
Candela raises $20m to unlock electric waterborne transport

Waterborne transport is now on a path to be faster, cheaper, and more sustainable than land transport in many cities. Candela raises $20 million to bring its passenger hydrofoil vessels to mass production.

19th January 2023
Candela reveals 'world's longest-range' electric boat with Polestar batteries and DC charging

With up to 57nm (65 miles) of expected range and DC charging, the foiling Candela C-8 'powered by Polestar' is designed to upend the hegemony of fossil fuel boats.

Eco Innovation
21st November 2022
Coral reefs die from noise pollution: this is the solution

Sound pollution from motorboats is increasingly threatening the planet’s most biologically diverse and sensitive ecosystems. Swedish electromobility company Candela can address this with its flying, whisper-quiet explorer vessel P-8 Voyager. Candela CEO and founder, Gustav Hasselskog, speaks at COP27.

27th October 2022
Candela makes T-Top version of electric boat C-8

Candela C-8 is an electric boat with the range to travel between popular destinations on the Mediterranean coast and the great lakes of southern Europe. It now comes in a version for the sun-drenched markets: Candela T-TOP.

23rd June 2022
The electric flying ferry

The world’s fastest electric ship, the Candela P-12 Shuttle, is set to hit Stockholm’s waters next year, heralding a new era of transport. The innovative hydrofoiling electric ferry will reduce emissions and slash commuting times – and the city believes it will make waterborne public transport more attractive.

Alternative Energy
20th June 2022
SailGP introduces electric foiling chase boat in Chicago

Returning to the US for its 3rd season, the lightning-fast F50 catamarans of Sail Grand Prix will be accompanied by an electric chase boat that can keep up with their pace: Candela C-7.

Alternative Energy
8th June 2022
Candela P-8 Voyager with zero footprint debuts in Venice

The foiling Candela P-8 Voyager lets its passengers travel silently and comfortably through wake-sensitive areas or over delicate coral reefs, without leaving a trace. The next generation of electric passenger boats flies above the water at high speeds. 

Alternative Energy
20th May 2022
Candela’s electric boat can save Venice from destruction

Moto Ondoso – speedboat wakes – threaten to erode the foundations of 'The Floating city'. To combat this, Candela is introducing the first no-wake, high-speed foiling daycruiser, Candela C-8, during Salone Nautico, on Friday 27 May.

22nd March 2022
Electric hydrofoil craft maker opens US test drive centre

Candela is now opening its first US test drive centre in San Francisco to demonstrate its revolutionary hydrofoiling boats.

Alternative Energy
17th February 2022
Candela C-8 electric boat performs successful first flight

The world’s most anticipated electric boat has completed its maiden flight. The foiling Candela C-8 promises to disrupt the gas-guzzling powerboat industry, thanks to a unique combination of long all-electric range, high speed, and industry-first features.

Alternative Energy
3rd February 2022
Candela’s electric speedboats are going to New Zealand

Candela's hydrofoiling electric boats are coming to New Zealand through a partnership with local company Next Generation Boats. The first Candela C-7 speedboat is expected to arrive in early April 2022 followed by the bigger C-8 at the end of the year.

13th January 2022
Electric speedboat Candela C-8 offered on subscription

The hydrofoiling Candela C-8 is the dream boat for those who seek to explore the oceans in absolute silence. And while the C-8 is sold out for 2022, it will soon be available for boat sharing in Stockholm and Mallorca through Agapi Boat Club.

8th December 2021
Foiling vessels production increased due to investment

Candela has announced it’s raised €24m, led by EQT Ventures, with participation from existing investor Chris Anderson, the Curator of TED. The new capital will boost the company’s already substantial cash influx from sales and will be used to triple R&D, invest in production automation and scale up the sales organisation to meet demand for Candela’s electric leisure and commercial vessels worldwide.

Alternative Energy
16th July 2021
Electric boats square off in Monaco e-boat race

The Monaco Yacht Club hosted the first competition between green energy boats. Candela C-7, an electric foiling boat, is available for test drives during the event. Teams from around the world gather in Monaco this week in preparation to race their electric boats during the Monaco Energy Challenge, a competition that ‘aims to stimulate the creativity of tomorrow’s engineers and the industry to develop propulsion methods usin...

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