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29th March 2021
Evaluation hardware for advanced EVE graphic controllers

To assist with the initial development and prototyping of human machine interfaces (HMIs) based on its object-oriented graphic controller ICs, Bridgetek has announced availability of the ME817EV evaluation board. Featuring the company’s BT817 embedded video engine (EVE) device, it allows engineers to experiment with the latest generation of EVE technology and get a comprehensive understanding of the breadth of its capabilities.

2nd February 2021
Embedded video engine designed into Riverdi displays

Bridgetek has gained an endorsement for its latest generation of embedded video engine (EVE) graphic controllers. Relying on the recently announced BT817 EVE4 devices, optoelectronics manufacturer Riverdi has introduced a new family of displays.

28th October 2020
EVE technology supports higher resolution displays

Bridgetek has made further announcements relating to its embedded video engine (EVE technology) platform. The BT817 and BT818 represent the company’s fourth generation of EVE products, and follow the already established mantra of helping those with little or no relevant prior experience to build advanced HMIs with high degrees of differentiation.

7th October 2020
Gameduino 3X Dazzler leverages graphic controller tech

Following the success of the original Gameduino, Excamera Labs now announces its successor - the Gameduino 3X Dazzler. This compact (83x53x20mm) Arduino-compatible shield features a Bridgetek BT815 embedded video engine (EVE) graphics controller with 32-bit internal colour precision. Running at speeds reaching 1.1Gps, this takes care of all the graphics processing activities and can support up to 2000 sprites.

27th August 2020
Advanced PanL RGB lighting controller unit from Bridgetek

Bridgetek continues to build up the portfolio of hardware available to support its PanL home/building automation platform. Designed to be straightforward for installation engineers to implement and subsequently upgrade, the company’s new PanL Mood Lighting (ML) units present a convenient and cost-effective RGB-enabled lighting control solution.

17th April 2020
Bridgetek PanL hardware for controlling of smart devices

Bridgetek has further extended the scope of possibilities addressed by its PanL home automation connectivity platform - with release of the PanL Relay. The purpose of this latest unit is to bring greater functionality to installed systems, thereby leading to heightened levels of comfort.

23rd January 2020
EVE toolchain includes support for third party hardware

Further extending the operational parameters of the ecosystem that accompanies its Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphic controllers, Bridgetek has announced a new improved version of EVE Screen Editor (ESE). Relying on simple drag-and-drop actions, ESE 3.3 is the latest update to the company’s intuitive Windows-based tool.

16th December 2019
The smart solutions for better connectivity

Specialising in helping humans interact with technology, Bridgetek is a semiconductor company that provides high performance MCUs, display products and develops innovative silicon solutions which aim to enhance seamless interaction with the latest technologies in connectivity. Big topics in the industry right now include making sure everything is connected, whether that be your home, office, or even your public transport!?

5th July 2019
Ten key tips for building better HMIs

Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) provide us with the means via which to interact with modern technology. They are available in a variety of forms, but regardless of the type that is employed, their purpose is to enable control functions to be carried while at the same time ensuring that the user experience is a satisfying one. By Gavin Moore & Jerry Hu, Bridgetek

24th June 2019
Embedded video engine toolchain expanded

Bridgetek has taken further steps to simplify the human machine interface (HMI) development process, by broadening the scope of the toolchain that accompanies its popular Embedded Video Engine (EVE) product portfolio. Several extra elements have now been added, plus major upgrades and augmentations made to the existing tools.

9th April 2019
Three way IoT technology partnership announced

In order to broaden the appeal of its advanced graphics controller ICs in the emerging IoT sector, Bridgetek has entered into a three-way collaborative partnership with IoT development experts Zerynth and advanced display solutions provider Riverdi. Through cooperation between these companies’ engineering teams and drawing on their respective skillsets, customers will be better able to implement next generation smart building systems and In...

24th October 2018
Credit card sized HMI development hardware

Coinciding with the BT815 and BT816 advanced graphics controller ICs being ramped up into volume production, Bridgetek has introduced a series of accompanying entry-level development modules. Supporting a range of different display configurations, the compact (54.1x85.60mm) VM816C modules each feature a BT816 device. 

27th July 2018
Bringing 3.5” HMI display shield venture to life

Bridgetek’s Embedded Video Engine (EVE) technology continues to gain traction within the global open source community, as well as with larger OEMs. The highly integrated graphics controller devices - which are able to take care of the display, touch and audio aspects of modern human machine interfaces (HMIs) - are featuring in a growing number of products being developed by small start-ups.

23rd January 2018
PanL smart automation platform on display at ISE 2018

After its successful appearance at CES in Las Vegas a few weeks ago, Bridgetek is now set to reveal the latest innovations regarding its PanL smart automation platform to European audiences, when the company exhibits at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE), in Amsterdam. Via a series of demonstrations, it will be able show ISE attendees the breadth of possibilities that this technology has, and provide system integrators with valuable examples of how ...

4th January 2018
Problem-solving displays highlighted at CES 2018

At this year's CES, Bridgetek will be showcasing its strengthened PanL technology by applying it to a variety of activities, so as to give system integrators inspiration as to how they can make use of it. PanL Room Manager, which combines a PanL Hub with a series of PanL70 PLUS units (each having a 7” full colour display with capacitive touchscreen and integrated RFID), provides an intelligent meeting room booking system.

19th December 2017
To smart homes and beyond!

  New hardware has been added to Bridgetek's PanL system level solutions that will accelerate the implementation of ‘intelligent spaces’ within a broad spectrum of different sectors. These will include domestic, retail, hospitality, enterprise and utilities, right through to factory automation, agriculture and medicine.

5th October 2017
Vietnamese development centre opened by IC specialist

Further expanding its engineering presence across Asia, and also underlining its commitment to continued product innovation, Bridgetek has announced a major investment in Vietnam.

30th June 2017
WiFi module complies with IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Transmitting and receiving in the 2.4 GHz frequency band, Bridgetek's CleO35-WiFi module is compliant with the commonly used IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi standards. With the objective of enabling the control and monitoring of smart devices within the domestic environment, it can achieve 20dBm output power when in 802.11b mode. Support for WPA and WPA2 wireless security safeguards against unauthorised access to data streams.

22nd June 2017
Expansion shield provides greater interfacing capabilities

New hardware continues to be added to Bridgetek's CleO smart display platform, with the objective of helping both the maker community and professional engineers. Compatible with both the CleO35 3.5" and CleO50 5" TFT formats, the CleOIO-Shield is an input/output expansion shield that connects directly on to the NerO system controller board. It provides the CleO system with greater interfacing capabilities - covering analogue, digital, I2C, SPI an...

13th February 2017
Development tool enables superior HMI realisation

Bridgetek has further raised the degree of support that is supplied with its FT81x Embedded Video Engine (EVE) graphic controllers, by releasing Version 3 of the popular EVE Screen Designer. The EVE Screen Designer 3.x (ESD3.x) integrated development environment (IDE) generation further facilitates EVE-based human machine interface (HMI) construction.

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