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4th January 2021
Sensors get clever: AI revolutionises fitness trackers

Squats, crunches or kettlebell swings: The list of fitness exercises available nowadays is almost endless. Many fitness trackers or smartwatches, however, offer only a very limited number of activities that can be tracked and do not recognise activities reliably due to different performance styles, equipment, heights and energy levels of users.

23rd July 2020
Bosch longevity programme for IoT applications

Bosch Sensortec has announced that it is launching a longevity programme and expanding its product portfolio to meet the specific needs of industrial and IoT applications. By ensuring products will be available for ten years, this new programme aims to give customers peace of mind, as well as access to high-performance, robust sensors, and increased purchasing flexibility due to smaller reel sizes.

4th June 2020
Bosch Sensortec and Qualcomm begin partnership

Bosch Sensortec has been developing innovative sensor software solutions in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, through their Qualcomm Platform Solutions Ecosystem program.

19th February 2019
Community launched to foster and accelerate IoT applications

  Bosch Sensortec has launched a new ideation community for customers, partners, developers and makers to learn about sensing solutions and to accelerate the development of IoT applications. The Bosch Sensortec Community provides useful information and best practice advice and allows developers to share their experience with others.

16th January 2019
Smart ultra-low power IMU optimised for wearables

At CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bosch Sensortec announced the BMI270, an ultra-low power smart Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) specifically targeted at wearable applications. It offers a strongly improved accelerometer offset and sensitivity performance, enabled by the newest Bosch MEMS process technology.

14th January 2019
Virtual touchscreen on every surface for smart homes

At CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bosch Sensortec announced the BML100PI, an Interactive Projection Module that enriches smart homes with a virtual touchscreen on every surface, turning ordinary shelves into personal assistants. The BML100PI module provides a complete, ready-to-use solution for interactive projection, enabling highly flexible virtual touchscreens.

28th November 2018
Customised IoT and Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions

  Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions and Bosch Mondeville has announced that they are offering customised Industry 4.0 development and manufacturing solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT). A broad spectrum of highly integrated solutions were presented for the first time at electronica 2018.

28th November 2018
ICs with embedded 'intelligence' manage in-car processes

System ICs are Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) designed to meet special requirements in vehicle systems. They are integrated on a single silicon chip measuring only a few square millimetres, and house complex circuits with up to several million individual electronic functions. Bosch introduced four system-ICs at electronica 2018. A chip for EVs will shut off the power in the event of an accident, ensuring safety for driver and pa...

8th November 2018
High-G acceleration sensors increase driver and passenger safety

At this year's electronica show, Bosch will announce a new generation of high-G acceleration sensors. The SMA7xy sensor family improves safety for car drivers and passengers. When the acceleration sensors detect a collision, the passive safety systems such as airbags can now be deployed earlier, and the restraining effect can be precisely set for the given accident scenario. In this way, the consequences of accidents can be further mitigated.

7th November 2018
Always-on position tracking at ultra-low power

At electronica Munich, Hall C3, Booth 522; Bosch Sensortec will introduce the BHI160BP, a Position Tracking Smart Sensor that utilises integrated inertial sensors to improve GPS location tracking. The ultra-low power position tracking reduces system power consumption by up to 80% and aims to provide more reliable localisation than GPS-only solutions.

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6th November 2018
Versatile semiconductors with automotive system-ICs at electronica

System ICs are application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) designed to meet special requirements in vehicle systems. They are integrated on a single silicon chip measuring only a few square millimeters, and house complex circuits with up to several million individual electronic functions. At electronica 2018, the world’s leading trade show for electronics, Bosch will introduce four new system-ICs.

10th October 2018
Making professionals more efficient by increasing battery power

With goals to enhance compact, high-performance batteries Bosch Professional has launched the latest ProCORE18V series. It aims to make professionals more efficient, through greater power, lifetime and runtime, and offers four, eight and 12.0Ah versions tailored to individual needs.

1st October 2018
Ultra-low power accelerometer for IoT

An ultra-low power MEMS acceleration sensor for IoT and wearable applications, from Bosch Sensortec, the BMA400, is now available worldwide through distributors. Due to its low current consumption, embedded plug-and-play step counting and activity recognition features, the BMA400 extends battery lifetime of wearables such as smart watches and fitness trackers.

27th June 2018
New generation of smart sensor hubs

At Sensors Expo in San Jose, California, Bosch Sensortec announced the BHI260 and BHA260, the first two members of a new generation of smart sensor hubs. These new devices are optimised for 24/7, always-on sensor processing and feature ultra-low power consumption.

14th March 2018
IMU improves virtual and augmented reality applications

At electronica China in Shanghai, Bosch Sensortec has launched the BMI085, a high-performance 6-axis IMU. The BMI085 integrates a 3-axis, 16-bit MEMS acceleration sensor and a 3-axis, 16-bit MEMS gyroscope in a single compact package. This powerful IMU is ideally suited for demanding VR and AR applications as well as other applications, such as navigation, body/human motion tracking and high-end gaming.

9th March 2018
Pressure sensor designed for altitude tracking in drones

  Bosch Sensortec has introduced a new high performance barometric pressure MEMS sensor: the BMP388, which is well suited for altitude tracking in Consumer Electronics (CE) drones, wearables, smart homes and other applications.

9th January 2018
MEMS sensor improves drone flying and navigation experience

  At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, US, Bosch Sensortec has launched the MEMS sensor BMI088, a high performance Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) with vibration robustness, specifically designed for drone and robotics applications.

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8th January 2018
CES 2018: plug-in collision detection and analysis

At the 2018 international CES in Las Vegas, Bosch Connected Devices and Solutions will announce the Telematics eCall Plug (TEP), a retrofit plug-in sensor device. It delivers event data such as driving behaviour and crash detection for telematics, fleet management and insurance applications. The smart sensor device easily plugs into a standard 12V car cigarette lighter socket.

2nd November 2017
Bosch expands partnership to support next-gen workplace strategy

The expansion of Bosch's partnership with Avaya has been announced to to help support Bosch’s digital transformation strategy across its global operations. 

19th July 2017
Environmental sensor enters distribution channel

Distributors have begun selling the BME680 environmental sensor from Bosch Sensortec. The sensor provides highly accurate measurement of indoor air quality, barometric pressure, relative humidity and ambient air temperature. It is housed in a robust yet compact 3.0 x 3.0mm² package making it ideal for both mobile and stationary applications.

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