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18th April 2024
Bosch relies on DELO adhesives for mild-hybrid system

Forty-eight-volt batteries can reduce vehicle carbon emissions by up to 15%.

19th January 2024
Digital authentication for art and luxury items

For centuries, works of art and cultural artifacts have been counterfeited, stolen, or exchanged. They range from antiques to paintings and sculptures. While longevity and nostalgia increase the desire for old objects for many people, even forgers who have been exposed in major scandals have not revealed how many of their fakes are actually in circulation.

Cyber Security
15th September 2023
Independent cybersecurity platform Bosch CyberCompare

Bosch CyberCompare is set to make its mark at this year’s International Cyber Expo later this month revealing its new platform.

6th January 2023
Sensor tech #LikeABosch: new robust barometric pressure sensor

Barometric pressure sensors are a key component in fitness tracking wearables and other applications, enabling altitude to be accurately determined.

5th January 2023
Particulate matter sensor revolutionises air quality measurement

Clean air is fundamental to our health and well-being. Today, people typically spend approximately 90% of their time indoors, which has a negative long-term impact on health because indoor air is three to five times more polluted than in the outdoor environment in most parts of the world.

5th January 2023
Bosch at CES 2023: smart sensor system

Today’s consumers want portable and smart devices that have high performance and a full set of features, yet provide a long battery life. For product designers, this means making difficult decisions to minimize power consumption without affecting the user experience.

5th January 2023
Sensor tech #LikeABosch: always on the right track thanks to a micro-sized digital pathfinder

For any portable device, other motion sensors may tell you where you are and how fast you’re moving, but to find out which direction you’re pointing you need a reliable magnetometer.

23rd November 2022
Pioneering work for the ‘Internet of Voice’

The Internet of tomorrow will be mobile, and audio based. To support the shift in communication from typing and reading to speaking and listening, new technologies are needed that enable audio and voice-based consumer applications.

20th October 2022
Many applications made easy: Bosch launches cost-effective motion sensor BMI323

Tiny MEMS motion sensors are all around us. They make consumer products easier to use and improve how our smartphones and other gadgets interact with us.

News & Analysis
13th July 2022
Bosch plans €3 billion semiconductor investment

Bosch plans to invest €3 billion in its semiconductor division as part of the IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) funding program on microelectronics and communications technology.

28th April 2022
Bosch expands sensor business for consumer electronics

Bosch is expanding its expertise in MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) micro speakers and strengthening its market position as a provider of sensing solutions for consumer electronics with an acquisition.

5th April 2022
Bosch barometric pressure sensor for accuracy

Bosch Sensortec introduces the BMP581, a barometric pressure sensor that couples low power consumption with extreme accuracy to provide altitude tracking in wearables, hearables or IoT devices. This capability makes it ideal for applications such as fitness tracking, fall detection, indoor localisation and navigation, enabling new use cases that were previously impossible.

7th September 2021
Bosch sensor evaluation board accelerates development

The newly launched Application Board 3.0 provides a versatile development solution that makes it quick and easy for engineers to work with all Bosch Sensortec sensors on one common platform. The new board simplifies the evaluation and prototyping of sensors for a wide range of applications, particularly in Industry 4.0, IoT, Smart Home systems, and wrist- and head-mounted wearables.

25th February 2021
Making a splash: robust barometric pressure sensors

Until now, many barometric pressure sensors have not been resistant against liquids and thus it has been challenging to integrate them into waterproof products. To address this issue, Bosch Sensortec developed the BMP384, a robust barometric pressure sensor delivering market-leading accuracy in a compact package.

4th January 2021
Sensors get clever: AI revolutionises fitness trackers

Squats, crunches or kettlebell swings: The list of fitness exercises available nowadays is almost endless. Many fitness trackers or smartwatches, however, offer only a very limited number of activities that can be tracked and do not recognise activities reliably due to different performance styles, equipment, heights and energy levels of users.

23rd July 2020
Bosch longevity programme for IoT applications

Bosch Sensortec has announced that it is launching a longevity programme and expanding its product portfolio to meet the specific needs of industrial and IoT applications. By ensuring products will be available for ten years, this new programme aims to give customers peace of mind, as well as access to high-performance, robust sensors, and increased purchasing flexibility due to smaller reel sizes.

4th June 2020
Bosch Sensortec and Qualcomm begin partnership

Bosch Sensortec has been developing innovative sensor software solutions in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, through their Qualcomm Platform Solutions Ecosystem program.

19th February 2019
Community launched to foster and accelerate IoT applications

  Bosch Sensortec has launched a new ideation community for customers, partners, developers and makers to learn about sensing solutions and to accelerate the development of IoT applications. The Bosch Sensortec Community provides useful information and best practice advice and allows developers to share their experience with others.

16th January 2019
Smart ultra-low power IMU optimised for wearables

At CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bosch Sensortec announced the BMI270, an ultra-low power smart Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) specifically targeted at wearable applications. It offers a strongly improved accelerometer offset and sensitivity performance, enabled by the newest Bosch MEMS process technology.

14th January 2019
Virtual touchscreen on every surface for smart homes

At CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bosch Sensortec announced the BML100PI, an Interactive Projection Module that enriches smart homes with a virtual touchscreen on every surface, turning ordinary shelves into personal assistants. The BML100PI module provides a complete, ready-to-use solution for interactive projection, enabling highly flexible virtual touchscreens.

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