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11th April 2024
BOFA introduces new 3D print filtration technology

BOFA has introduced its latest generation 3D PrintPRO technology designed specifically for high temperature processes.

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5th September 2023
BOFA’s 3D printing extraction at Formnext 2023

BOFA will be exhibiting its latest range of 3D printing filtration and atmosphere management technology at Formnext 2023 in Frankfurt, 7th – 10th November.

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30th March 2023
3D print your own fume extraction system connector

What better way to attach an atmosphere and air management system to a 3D printer than by printing the connector yourself?

3D Printing
4th October 2022
Filtration innovation – an enabler for new 3D printable functional materials

From toucan beaks and F1 steering wheels to bespoke medical devices and ultra-comfy bicycle seats, the world of 3D print is rapidly evolving and driving demand for a new generation of functional materials.

3D Printing
20th September 2022
BOFA showcases 3D printing filtration and atmosphere management tech

The company will be displaying a wide range of technology at the show, including an enhanced capacity 3D PrintPRO 4 and 3D PrintPRO HT (high temperature) alongside the established 3D PrintPRO range

11th November 2021
BOFA publishes research paper on 3D printer emissions

A review into the particulate and gases emitted through 3D print processes has been published by BOFA International.

3D Printing
8th November 2021
BOFA introduces high temperature 3D print filtration

BOFA International has reinforced its position as a market leader in portable fume and particulate filtration technology for 3D printing with their new technology designed specifically for high temperature processes.

3D Printing
26th October 2021
BOFA extends 3D print filtration capacity

BOFA is enhancing the value for the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector by redesigning and improving its 3D PrintPRO 4 technology, offering wider filtration airflow ranges and expanded filtration capacity.

21st October 2021
Additive manufacturing filtration enables removal of harmful gases

The company’s technology line-up will include 3D PrintPRO range, as well as its recently enhanced capacity 3D PrintPRO 4, and brand new 3D PrintPRO HT (for higher temperature additive manufacturing processes) and AM 400, which features BOFA’s revolutionary Intelligent Operating System.

16th September 2021
Filtration technology to boost metal additive manufacturing

BOFA International has developed a process of fume extraction to make the exchange of filters in metal additive manufacturing processes safer, faster and better for productivity.

3D Printing
1st March 2021
Additive manufacturing and 3D printing safety

As additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing technologies continue their rapid penetration across multiple industry sectors, businesses and organisations are being urged to improve their knowledge about the potential health and safety risks posed by the processes, and what can be done to mitigate these.  

14th August 2020
Appointment at BOFA targets international markets

BOFA International has appointed Douglas Gray as International Sales Manager to support the company’s growing success in overseas markets. Douglas has more than 20 years’ experience in industrial sales, the last 15 of which have been with companies in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

14th April 2020
Extraction supplies for 3D printing community

As the 3D printing community steps up to support the fight against COVID-19, BOFA International is meeting growing demand for its specialist fume and dust extraction supplies for 3D printing community.

27th March 2020
Smart electronics need smarter fume extraction

As global demand for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) accelerates, thanks to greater automation in industry and the miniaturisation of devices, electronics companies are being reminded about the workplace health risks associated with certain production processes, and realising that smart electronics need smarter fume extraction.

23rd November 2017
Fume extraction system enhances productivity

  Are you an industrial laser operator? You can now benefit from what is supposedly the most powerful fume extraction system ever, manufactured by BOFA International. The company is introducing the AD 4000 iQ unit to meet the evolving extraction needs of the laser sector, which is developing ever-larger systems, including fibre-laser technology for more demanding applications.

17th May 2017
BOFA Partners with British Lung Foundation

A Poole-based company that leads the world in removing airborne hazards from the workplace is partnering with the British Lung Foundation (BLF) to raise funds to help combat respiratory disease. BOFA International technology protects the health of many thousands of people across the globe by extracting harmful fumes and dust created during industrial processes.

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