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23rd April 2021
Smart quality controls in PCB production

Printed circuit boards are the nervous system of all electronic devices. Whether for mobile devices or in the automotive, industrial and medical sectors. The areas of application are diverse, as is PCB production. Around 150 complex work steps are required for a single circuit board before it is ready for use.

12th March 2021
AT&S enables customer visits via VR

The coronavirus pandemic reinforces trends that have been imminent for years and are now becoming reality due to the strict COVID-19 measures. AT&S has developed a concept for conducting virtual audits in which the customer or partner does not have to be physically present on site; rather they can visit the plant virtually thanks to technical tools such as VR glasses and video streaming. This innovation will also be used after the pandemic.

12th October 2020
AT&S develops new solutions for autonomous driving

Step by step, autonomous driving is increasingly becoming a feature of our mobility. With each step, ever-larger data volumes need to be processed fast to allow quick reactions to any given situation. AT&S is developing a robust and resilient interconnect concept for a high-performance computer chip.

News & Analysis
10th July 2020
AT&S teams up with IMST for high-frequency solutions

AT&S has joined forces with Germany-based design house IMST to develop high-frequency technology solutions.

9th June 2020
AT&S fights energy losses in microelectronics

Energy plays a crucial role in microelectronics. As electronic components are becoming increasingly more powerful, they also require more energy. Scientists and technology companies therefore aim to develop methods and technologies to generate more energy and/or reduce energy requirements. AT&S is joining the fight against energy losses in microelectronics 

Aerospace & Defence
10th February 2020
Accreditation opening doors in aerospace sector

With the NADCAP accreditation, the Austrian high-tech company has been recognised as a supplier of highest quality standards in aircraft construction. The accreditation is now opening new doors in the aerospace sector.

Component Management
2nd October 2019
Advanced PCB and packaging technology innovations

At the Red Bull Ring, where high-performance racing cars usually run laps, AT&S presented current trends, challenges and solutions for PCBs and connectivity solutions at the 15th Technology Forum. The choice of venue at the Formula 1 racing circuit highlighted many parallels between the two fields, success in both depends on maximum speed, high efficiency, reliability and innovative cutting-edge technology.

8th April 2019
Improving efficiency in cars for electromobility

To improve the efficiency in modern cars on the way to electromobility and in challenging industrial power conversion applications the power density has to be increased without limitations on performance and reliability. Based on the AT&S ECP (Embedded Components Packaging) technology active and passive components have been integrated into PCBs for low-power designs and are used in volume production meeting high-quality requirements.

21st January 2019
Innovations for electromobility and automated driving

Electromobility and automated driving are the two defining trends in the automotive industry with high growth potential, but also technological challenges. For example, hybrid and/or electric powertrains require, among other things, efficient power electronics for the major subsystems such as inverters, on-board chargers or DC/DC converters.

20th June 2018
Interconnection tech for next-gen 5G mobile communications

Significantly higher data rates and volumes together with high power densities are resulting in rising requirements for interconnection technologies, too. The new 5G mobile communications generation is undoubtedly an overarching and defining trend here, with applications ranging from infrastructure (base stations) to terminal devices (mobile phones), as well as real-time automation scenarios.

11th May 2018
A look into the future of connection technology

In Velden (Austria), AT&S has presented technologies and trends in connection solutions at the 14th AT&S Technology Forum. Numerous interested customers were able to find out about the latest developments in the electronics and printed circuit board industry for areas such as mobile devices, automotive, industrial, communications and medical technology and to exchange views with the AT&S experts.

12th October 2017
Devices become extremely reliable thanks to PCB tech

The trend for miniaturisation and digitalisation is shaping medical technology, too. Systems and components for treatment, diagnosis and patient monitoring are becoming ever smaller and more powerful. In medical technology, more than any other field, safety and reliability – despite progressive miniaturisation – are an absolute priority, since reliable functioning can be vitally important.

31st August 2017
Cool designs for miniaturised high-power applications

Some major concerns for modern electronic applications include miniaturisation and increasing power densities. The lifetime of electronic applications can be dramatically reduced by the increase of the working temperatures by just a few degrees. Further, the insulation of the whole printed circuit board (PCB) from the environment in order to provide efficient protection against humidity and dust for certain applications turns heat dissipation an ...

Artificial Intelligence
7th July 2017
Paving the way for autonomous driving and high-speed communication

The automotive industry is focusing its efforts on developing solutions for autonomous driving and car-to-car communication. At the same time, the communications industry is moving towards 5G, and broadband networks are becoming ever faster. Large and complex volumes of data need to be transmitted securely in fractions of a second. Demanding applications such as these require specially developed printed circuit board (PCB) and interconnection tec...

25th April 2017
ECP technology enables evaluation of converter on GaN basis

Fraunhofer IAF has developed a fully integrated monolithic multilevel converter in high-volt AlGaN/GaN-on-Si technology. The integrated inverter circuit is designed for maximum voltages of +/- 400 V and currents of 5 A. The multilevel converter on an area of just 2 × 3 mm² comprises four transistors and six diodes. It provides a perfect solution for compact voltage converter applications. It was possible to demonstrate DC/AC inverter o...

4th March 2017
AT&S joins others to advance key technologies

AT&S is participating in the Horizon 2020 EU Research and Innovation programme along with 11 other organisations who are collaborating on a key GaNonCMOS project. AT&S is also participating in the Panel-Level Packaging Consortium managed by Fraunhofer IZM.

Component Management
7th February 2017
World’s smallest speaker uses PCB technology

Graz-based start-up USound, in partnership with several Fraunhofer Institutes (IDMT, ISIT, IIS and IZM) and utilising PCB technology together with system integration expertise from AT&S, has developed what is not only the world’s smallest speaker, but also the first based on MEMS. The product is protected with numerous patents. MEMS are silicon chips or substrates with very small feature sizes, that have mechanical and electrical functi...

6th February 2017
MEMS-based micro speaker uses PCB technology

In partnership with several Fraunhofer Institutes (IDMT, ISIT, IIS and IZM), USound has utilised PCB technology with system integration expertise from AT&S to develop what it claims to be the world’s smallest speaker and also the first based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS).

16th December 2016
Product development faces the challenges of advancing miniaturisation

At Nepcon 2017 (18-20 January 2017) in Tokyo, AT&S will be presenting technologies as a response to current challenges in telecommunication, automotive electronics, wearables and medical electronics. Advancing miniaturisation, high data rates and/or high frequencies, power electronics with increasing current densities and rising thermal problems, as well as optimised production processes are the challenges that modern applications face.

Component Management
31st August 2016
Latest trends in PCB technologies

AT&S Americas is staging its Tech Days on September 12-13 in Santa Clara, California. During the first day, technical seminars and presentations from AT&S and partners will highlight the latest innovations and market trends for PCB technology. The event will take place at the Santa Clara convention centre. 

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