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15th November 2022
LED technologies drive a 36% increase in market share

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the UK lighting market value slumped by around 16% in 2020. As the worst of the pandemic passed, the market began to recover with the economy largely reopening and in 2021, saw around a 2% increase in value.

24th January 2022
Electrical accessories market returns with 8% growth

The UK electrical accessories market has returned to growth more quickly than expected after the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, with an estimated 8% growth in 2021.

17th May 2021
COVID-19 impacts home automation market positively

The home automation market has developed at a rapid rate in recent years, a trend which has been partially accelerated by COVID-19 and the fact that people have been forced to spend more time in their homes due to lockdown measures. This in turn has encouraged more suppliers to enter the sector.

18th January 2021
Replacement sales shelter electronic security market from COVID-19 impact

2020 saw a sharp contraction in the electronic security market size, though the focus on replacement sales has to some extent sheltered the market from the even steeper fall in new construction output. COVID-19 has even created a surge of interest in pandemic-related products such as thermal imaging to measure body temperature and analytics to monitor occupancy levels.

28th August 2020
Active fire protection market set for growth post-COVID-19

The active fire protection market is comprised of detection/alarms and suppression systems. Alarms and detection systems account for 63% of the overall active fire protection market, having gained slight share over the last two years, with the majority of installations of products and systems going into the non-domestic sectors. Domestic smoke alarms only account for a small portion of total market value.

7th August 2020
LED represents 14% of all household lighting appliances

According to AMA Research’s latest Lighting Market Report, the move towards the use of LEDs has increased, where this technology is estimated to represent 14% of lighting appliances owned by UK households.

15th June 2018
Prosperous increases in the UK lighting market

The overall lighting market in the UK was estimated to be worth £2.4bn in 2017, having increased by 44% since 2013. The key driver for the lighting market is LED lighting which has gained significant share in the non-domestic sector and also started to make inroads into the domestic market. LED technology is likely to promote a period of innovation and expansion particularly in terms of more integrated products, control and lighting solutio...

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