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19th August 2009
Altium: Time for electronics designers to get serious about programmable devices

Altium will be challenging electronics designers to look at new ways of using programmable devices at the centre of their designs at the 19th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications. Altium is presenting the challenge in a talk - ‘System on an FPGA in a Unified Design Environment’ - at the conference being held in Prague, Czech Republic, August 31 – September 1, 2009.

29th July 2009
Altium accelerates move towards continuous updates

Altium continues to provide new features in Altium Designer, its electronics design software, to help electronics designers stay continuously updated on new technology and trends. “We think the days of an industry model that somehow forces users to wait for significant new releases and features, that appear only once every few years, are numbered,” says Nick Martin, CEO of Altium.

7th May 2009
Altium appoints new Israeli reseller

Altium has appointed TACT Software Solutions as its new reseller in Israel. TACT will resell Altium Designer, Altium’s next generation electronics design solution, and its TASKING embedded software development tool.

27th April 2009
Altium provides lifeline for OrCAD Capture users

Altium is following its challenge to electronics designers to answer the question “What makes you so special?” (20 April 2009) by introducing a powerful alternative for front-end electronics designers that lets them reach into new areas of design and stay relevant in a fast changing industry.

21st April 2009
Altium to change its pricing policy

Altium is making dramatic changes to how it prices its solutions, changes which remove a key barrier to designers and their organizations being able to design the new wave of intelligent, connected electronic products. “Electronics designers and their organizations must answer one question: what makes me so special? This is the crucial question for everyone seeking to more than just survive this recession,” said Emma Lo Russo, President of Al...

16th March 2009
Altium reseller Transfer adds TASKING compiler to Altium solution portfolio

Altium has appointed existing Benelux reseller Transfer B.V. to resell its TASKING embedded software development solution. The appointment complements Transfer’s status as a reseller of Altium Designer, Altium’s next generation electronics design solution.

5th March 2009
Multi PCB Ltd. supports Altium Designer

Multi PCB, a leading German printed circuit board manufacturers, now supports data from Altium Designer. Altium Designer was created by Altium for the purpose of unifying the entire process of electronic product development. Altium Designer combines the design of hardware, software and programmable hardware in one unified design environment, allowing effective cooperation both within design teams and across entire organisations.

25th February 2009
Altium further extends FPGA-based design

Altium has announced another new daughter board for its desktop NanoBoard reconfigurable hardware development platform. This latest plug-in daughter board targets features Altera’s low-cost Cyclone III EP3C40 FPGA in a 780 BGA package. The daughter board includes a range of on-board memories for application use and a 1-Wire memory device used to store board identification and related information.

19th February 2009
Altium expands programmable device options for next generation electronics design

Altium continues to expand programmable device options for its desktop NanoBoard reconfigurable hardware development platform. It’s released a new daughter board aimed at high performance signal processing, FPGA-based applications. The new daughter board hosts a member of the Xilinx Virtex-4 device family, the XC4VSX35-10FFG668C device. It’s housed in a 668-ball grid Array and comes complete with on-board memories for application use, and a 1...

9th January 2009
Altium to showcase latest Altium Designer at embedded world

Altium will be joined by customers from a range of industries to provide demonstrations and insights into the winter 09 release of Altium Designer at this year’s embedded world show. Altium’s live demonstrations will focus on how Altium Designer can help designers exploit today’s low-cost, high-performance FPGA devices. Altium’s latest release has a number of new design technologies and concepts to help electronics designers innovate, cap...

8th January 2009
Altium supports CADstar users with new import wizard

Altium has added a new file importer, for CADstar design files, to the latest release of its next generation electronics design solution, Altium Designer. It’s the latest addition to Altium Designer’s design translation wizard, which already supports legacy design files from Allegro, OrCAD, DX Designer, and PADS, as well as Altium’s earlier P-CAD and Protel design tools.

5th January 2009
3D PCB design performance benchmarks from Altium

Altium has published a set of benchmarks for 3D PCB design performance using Altium Designer, its next generation electronics design solution. Altium is a pioneer of real-time, 3D PCB design environments, with the introduction of 3D board layouts, real-time 3D ECAD-MCAD collaboration, and now (with the launch of the winter 09 release of Altium Designer) enhanced performance in the PCB design engine. The latest winter 09 release uses less memory a...

3rd December 2008
Real-time, 3D PCB design from Altium

Altium has launched the winter 09 release of its next generation electronics design solution Altium Designer. Altium has introduced a number of new design technologies and concepts to help electronics designers innovate, exploit advances in technology, and make the task of designing a product and getting it to market easier and faster.

28th May 2008
Electronics designers and mechanical designers can collaborate in real time

Altium has introduced technology that, for the first time, lets electronic designers fit their boards into enclosures in real time, in 3D, without guesswork. They can eliminate the numerous costly, trial-and-error, “wait-and-see” ECAD-MCAD iterations that, until now, have delayed bringing a product to market.

15th April 2008
New plug and play options for Altium’s Innovation Station

Altium continues to develop and expand the Altium Innovation Station – which combines the award-winning Altium Designer unified design software with the Desktop NanoBoard reconfigurable hardware platform – to bring device intelligence design solutions to electronics engineers.

7th April 2008
Young robot designers innovate with Altium’s support

Altium Limited has donated licenses of its Altium Designer integrated electronics design software to FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) for use in its annual robotics design competition.

4th April 2008
Altium expands versatility of Altium Innovation Station

Altium Limited, a developer of unified electronic product development solutions, continues to expand its range of daughter boards for the Altium Innovation Station and its Desktop NanoBoard. Following hot on the heels of its recently announced Altium Innovation Station – which combines the Altium Designer electronics design software and the Desktop NanoBoard –Altium has released a new plug-in daughter board hosting a Xilinx Virtex-4 high-perf...

6th February 2008
Altium to preview its extended range of deployment NanoBoards at DesignCon 2008

Altium has previewed its extended range of deployment NanoBoards at DesignCon 2008 and will showcase the new solution in Europe at Embedded World 2008.

5th February 2008
Design environment puts device intelligence at the center of the design process

Altium Limited has launched the Altium Innovation Station which combines the Altium Designer unified electronics design software with the newly-extended Altium NanoBoard range of reconfigurable hardware platforms.

3rd December 2007
Altium to demonstrate Altium Designer online

Altium Limited, the developer of unified electronic product development solutions, is holding a series of live web conferences that introduce and demonstrate Altium Designer’s powerful new features and how its unified platform can be used to exploit today’s low-cost, high-performance programmable devices.

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