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Altera Corporation is at the forefront of technology innovation, providing customers programmable solutions for leading-edge electronic systems that are shaping our modern world.

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Tech Videos
4th October 2016
Intel SoC FPGA-based open-source drone platform and sensing modules

This demo showcases the Aerotenna μ series microwave radars based on Intel Altera SoC technology, the first radars for commercial and consumer drones to utilise microwave sensing, which was previously used only on military UAVs. μLanding is the first and most compact microwave altimeter for drones and small UAVs, while μSharp is the first 360° active sense-and-avoid radar for drones and small UAVs.

Tech Videos
23rd August 2016
Debug techniques for Nios II Ethernet Design - Part 2

This is the second part of a video that introduces several debug techniques for Nios II Ethernet Design.

Tech Videos
22nd August 2016
Debug techniques for Nios II Ethernet Design - Part 1

This is the first part of a video that introduces several debug techniques for Nios II Ethernet Design.

Tech Videos
28th July 2016
Machine learning on FPGAs

Machine learning is one of the fastest growing application model that crosses every vertical market from the data centre, to embedded vision applications in the IoT space, to medical and industrial applications. This short training introduces the high level concept of machine learning, focusing on Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) and explains the benefits of using an FPGA in these applications.

Tech Videos
26th July 2016

Watch this short video to learn how FPGAs provide power efficient acceleration with far less restrictions and far more flexibility than GPGPUs.

10th May 2016
Accelerate design for next-gen, high-capacity FPGAs

Altera, now part of Intel, has announced the Quartus Prime Pro design software, which further accelerates FPGA design performance and design team productivity. The software is architected to support the next-gen high capacity, highly integrated FPGAs from Intel, which will drive innovation across the cloud, data centre, IoT and the networks that connect them.

3rd May 2016
Altera’s Design Solutions Network connects customers with experts

Altera, now part of Intel Corporation, has announced the launch of its Design Solutions Network (DSN), a global ecosystem unifying a robust network of design services, IP, board and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) companies into a single programme. The DSN program helps customers accelerate product innovation by connecting them with members offering products or design services using Altera’s CPLD, FPGA, SoC and Enpirion power devices via a ...

22nd March 2016
FPGA industry’s first 56Gb/s PAM-4 & 30Gb/s NRZ transceivers

Altera, now the Programmable Solutions Group (PSG) within Intel, has introduced the transceiver technology that will enable its Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs to support data rates up to 56Gb/s. The transceiver technology doubles the bandwidth available on a single transceiver channel, while providing equipment manufacturers scalability to build future systems.

Events News
16th February 2016
FPGA technology demonstrations showcase the future of embedded designs

Altera, now a part of Intel Corporation, has announced its participation at Embedded World 2016 during which the company will showcase a range of Altera and partner technology demonstrations at their stand in Hall 5. These will include a wide range of applications including industrial automation for smart factory 'Industry 4.0', SIL3 functional safety, Qt5.x/OpenGL compliant graphics cores, real-time optical character recognition, video/vision pr...

27th January 2016
Algorithm competition helps accelerate 5G development

Altera, now a part of Intel, has announced the results of the industry's first awards competition to focus on aligning silicon and systems companies with the research community to create a pool of new and innovative ideas to help accelerate 5G, the 5th gen of mobile networks.

26th January 2016
DC/DC step-down converter SoC saves 45% in size

  Fully tested, characterised, and qualified as a system, the PowerSoC (EN6362QI) is a 6A PowerSoC DC/DC converter from Altera, which is now part of Intel.

24th November 2015
Safety package combines FPGA with lockstep processor solution

Altera Corporation has announced the availability of the Altera Functional Safety Lockstep solution for the Nios II embedded processor, a solution that reduces risk in design cycles and helps system designers simplify certification for industrial and automotive safety applications. The joint Altera and YOGITECH lockstep solution is built using Altera FPGAs, SoCs, and certified tool flows, along with IP cores from YOGITECH, a functional safety lea...

16th November 2015
FPGAs accelerate servers at Texas Advanced Computing Centre

Programmable logic technology from Altera Corporation is now in place inside a new, advanced server cluster at the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) at The University Texas at Austin, which seeks to help researchers and academia to run complex algorithmic-based research. Microsoft Research shared more about the server cluster becoming available for research use at TACC, in a blog post.

11th November 2015
Heterogeneous SiP devices integrate HBM2 DRAM with FPGAs

Altera has revealed the industry’s first heterogeneous SiP devices that integrate stacked HBM2 (High-Bandwidth Memory) from SK Hynix with high-performance Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs. Stratix 10 DRAM SiP represents a new class of devices that is specifically architected to meet the most demanding memory bandwidth requirements in high-performance systems.

6th November 2015
Design software enhances next-gen programmable logic device productivity

Signaling a new era in design productivity for next-gen programmable logic devices, Altera has released Quartus Prime. The software environment builds upon the company’s Quartus II software, incorporating the productivity-centric Spectra-Q engine. The Quartus Prime design software is optimised to enhance the FPGA/SoC FPGA design process by reducing design iterations, delivering the industry’s fastest compile times, and accelerating si...

30th October 2015
Altera receives Global FPGA Technology Innovation Leadership Award

Altera Corporation has received the Global FPGA Technology Innovation Leadership Award from analyst firm Frost & Sullivan, ranking Altera above its competitors in the categories of technology attributes, and future business value. The award highlights Altera’s implementation of IEEE 754 single-precision hardened floating point DSP blocks in its Arria 10 FPGAs--enabling a processing rate of up to 1.5 TFLOPS (Tera floating point operation...

19th October 2015
PUF key storage tightens FPGA security

Altera and Intrinsic-ID have announced a collaboration on the integration of advanced security solutions into Altera’s Stratix 10 FPGAs and SoCs. Physical Unclonable Function (PUF)-based key storage is a requirement for many defence and infrastructure applications today to secure and bind software to hardware functions and prevent the cloning of systems.

Events News
15th September 2015
SoC developer forum to address next-gen embedded computing

Altera has announced the launch of the Altera SoC Developers Forum (ASDF). These inaugural events in Silicon Valley; Frankfurt, Germany; and Shenzhen, China bring together partners, developers and engineers who are focused on using the fine-grained heterogeneous computing technology in ARM-based SoC FPGAs to address next-gen embedded computing applications.

Tech Videos
14th August 2015
An embedded designer's dream platform

View a 3 minute demo of the NEEK MAX 10 FPGA kit that includes controlling a robot spider.

4th August 2015
Digital control improves SoC FPGA efficiency

Altera has announced the signing of a licensing agreement with ZMDI, leveraging ZMDI’s digital power management technology to integrate advanced Multi-Mode Digital Control (MMDC) power capabilities into Enpirion PowerSoC devices. A digital power design team will focus on expanding the control, adaptability and power saving features of Enpirion PowerSoCs to improve the power efficiency of Altera FPGAs and SoCs.

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