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Test & Measurement
28th September 2014
Low cost data logger boasts built-in LCD screen

An affordable, multi-channel data logger with a built-in LCD screen and support for temperature data, as well as current and voltage signals up to 24 V, has been introduced by Adept Scientific. The battery-powered USB-5106 from Measurement Computing features four 16-bit analogue input channels that support temperature, current and voltage inputs. 

22nd September 2014
Data logger accelerates configuration and acquisition

Adept Scientific has launched DAQami, an advanced data logging application from Measurement Computing which allows users to quickly and easily acquire, view, and log data from MCC USB DAQ devices. Once users have installed DAQami and plugged in a DAQ device, they are able to create an automatic configuration and acquire live data in 5 minutes or less.  

Test & Measurement
14th July 2014
16-bit DAQ features 100 kS/s sample rates

Two new, low-cost, 16-bit, multifunction USB DAQ devices are now available from Adept Scientific. The USB-230 Series, manufactured by Measurement Computing, offers sample rates up to 100 kS/s. The USB-234 offers sample rates up to 100 kS/s, and the USB-231 up to 50 kS/s. Both models feature eight single-ended/four differential analogue inputs.

Test & Measurement
23rd January 2014
Software options add versatility to USB data acquisition devices

Four new multifunction USB data acquisition devices with sample rates up to 500 kS/s have just been added to Measurement Computing's low-cost USB-200 range. The new USB-202 and USB-205, each in module or board only format, are available now in the UK from Adept Scientific. The USB-202 and USB-205 feature eight 12-bit analogue inputs, two analogue outputs, eight digital I/Os and one 32-bit counter input.

Test & Measurement
9th January 2014
USB data acquisition board aims at OEM and embedded applications

Adept Scientific has announced the release by Measurement Computing of a new ultra high speed, USB data acquisition board for simultaneous sampling up to 20 MS/s per channel. The USB-2020 features two analogue input channels with multiple input ranges up to ±10V and can sample data from both channels at an overall rate of 40 MS/s to the on-board memory, or continuously stream to a host computer at up to 8 MS/s.

Test & Measurement
29th October 2013
Hand-held data loggers store 250,000 readings

Measurement Computing’s hand-held, battery-powered data loggers with an LCD display that shows real-time readings, graphs of data and current status. Simple push-button controls are used to start and stop logging, review logger settings, determine memory used and view max and min readings.

Test & Measurement
24th October 2013
Thermocouple data logger meets many applications

Adept Scientific has released the USB-5104, a four-channel, battery powered, thermocouple data logger from Measurement Computing. The low-cost USB-5104 features an LCD display and can be used for measuring and logging temperature in a variety of applications.

Test & Measurement
17th October 2013
Bluetooth data acquisition device targets tablets, smartphones

A new Bluetooth data acquisition device from Measurement Computing has been released through UK distributor Adept Scientific. The BTH-1208LS is designed for the growing tablet and smartphone market. It offers multifunction operation, Androidand Windows device driver support and Bluetooth connectivity, and is powered by rechargeable batteries.

18th July 2013
A new version of DASYLab now available in the UK

DASYLab's updated version, the point-and-click data acquisition and control software from measX GmbH & Co is now available in the UK from Adept Scientific. DASYLab's function block interface makes it easy to set up and control measurement data applications in a standard PC Windows environment without programming; and new DASYLab 13 sees a significant upgrade in capability and flexibility by allowing users to define their own custom functions ...

Test & Measurement
30th March 2012
Made-to-measure thermocouples and RTDs

Making it to the range of data acquisition products available from Adept Scientific are Measurement Computing’s ready-made thermocouples and RTDs. The ready-made thermocouples are available in 1- and 2m lengths, complete with measuring junction at one end, and are available in J, K, T and E-types.

1st December 2011
PTC recognises Adept Scientific's Mathcad quality

For the second year running Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) has been awarded the PTC Channel Advantage Award acknowledging its status as the top Mathcad reseller Worldwide. The 2011 award ceremony was held in Athens and attended by around 500 professionals representing resellers across the globe. Jessica Nielsen, Sales Consultant – Mathcad for Adept Nordic, received the medal on behalf of Adept.

1st November 2011
Technology roadmap lays out future of Maplesoft technology on this platform

Maplesoft has announced the release of the Maple Player for iPad, an application for the iPad that lets users view and interact with documents created in desktop Maple, available from Adept Scientific. This release is the first step in a plan to increase support for Maplesoft technology on this platform.

18th October 2011
Maplesoft and VI-grade partnership makes real-time vehicle modelling applications more cost and time-effective

Adept Scientific, Maplesoft and VI-grade announce a partnership which brings together the modelling strengths of Maplesoft and VI-grade, enabling users to increase the scope of their solutions and improve the flexibility of their design models. The partnership will see the integration of MapleSim models with the VI-CarRealTime framework.

26th September 2011
MapleSim drives higher fuel efficiency in cars

Built with the involvement of several transmission manufacturers, Maplesoft has developed the MapleSim Driveline Component Library – a collection of components for driveline modelling applications. This MapleSim add-on covers all stages in the powertrain from the engine through to the differential, wheels and road loads, as well as vehicle dynamics.

Test & Measurement
5th July 2011
Adept Scientific continues to broaden its data acquisition range

As part of Adept Scientific’s continuing strategy to provide a diverse and full range of data acquisition devices in the UK, the Delphin Technology AG hardware and software solutions for applications in process measuring and control technology has been added to complement their existing products.

16th June 2011
With over 150 new components, Maplesoft has released the latest version of MapleSim, the high-performance physical modelling and simulation software.

Available from Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts), MapleSim 5, has a broader application scope, streamlined modelling environment and ability to efficiently simulate even more systems, making it easier to tackle large projects and get results quickly

18th April 2011
New version of Maple offers unprecedented levels of computational abilities and performance

The latest, substantial new release of Maple, the flagship technical computing software for mathematicians, engineers and scientists from Maplesoft™ (Waterloo, Canada), has over 270 new mathematical functions and over a thousand enhancements to existing algorithms. Now available from Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts), Maple 15’s record-breaking solvers for differential equations is just one of many new advances in Maple 15 which en...

29th March 2011
VisSim version 8 expands tool chain with new UML graphical state chart module

The next generation of VisSim from Visual Solutions Incorporated (VSI) (Westford, Massachusetts) is now available from Adept Scientific. VisSim version 8 is the much anticipated product upgrade and introduces exciting new concepts including VisSim/State Charts, a new UML graphical state chart editor, as well as many other product enhancements.

22nd February 2011
New Web Marketing Specialist for Adept Scientific

Jackie Mehlmann-Wicks has joined the Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) Marketing Team as Web Marketing Specialist. Jackie has a background in web editing, site content management, search engine optimisation, analytics and email production and will be involved in a range of projects including the management of the Google Adwords campaign and analytics reporting.

Test & Measurement
14th February 2011
Flexible and modular data acquisition with ADwin

Jäger Messtechnik (Lorsch, Germany), manufacturer and developer of ADwin, the hardware and software for the fastest real-time solutions, has teamed with Adept Scientific (Letchworth, Herts) to bring their powerful, real-time data acquisition solutions to the UK.

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