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7th January 2021
Scientists develop safer X-rays for children

European photonics scientists have developed a new ‘autocorrect’ image processing algorithm to reduce X-ray scatter, meaning children can receive safer, high contrast, low dose X-rays. Clinicians will be able to take a low radiation, digital X-ray image - without the need for an anti-scatter grid - thanks to new innovative ‘scattering suppression software’.

30th November 2020
Retinal-imaging breakthrough to swiftly detect eye diseases

Glaucoma, cataracts or macular degeneration will be quicker and easier to diagnose thanks to a new scanner being developed to capture real time and artefact-free eye images. European researchers are developing a new real time scanner that will create a full image of a moving eye without any blurring.

13th November 2020
New air sensor to make chemical plants safer

Chemical plants will become safer places to work with a reduced risk of injury, chronic respiratory ailments or even death, thanks to a new air sensor being developed to detect toxic and explosive solvents using photonics.  

1st July 2019
Strawberry-picking robots to gather enough fruit for Wimbledon

Wimbledon fans, who consume 34 thousand kilos of strawberries every year, could one day get their strawberries picked by a small group of new robots, developed in Europe, that use photonics to detect a fruit, and are capable of gathering enough berries for the championships in less than a week.

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