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29th August 2018
eCall: EU-wide mandatory for automotive manufactures

The German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) designates 7layers as a technical service for eCall Regulation UN R-144 and EU 2017/79. Since 1st April 2018, the implementation of the automated emergency call technology (eCall) in new car models has become obligatory. According to the new EU regulation, automotive manufacturers are obliged to integrate the new eCall system into all new car models be it passenger cars (M1) or light co...

21st March 2013
7Layers Presented With PTCRB Award Of Excellence

At their latest meeting in Savannah, Georgia (USA), in March this year, the PTCRB wireless device certification forum presented the new “PTCRB award of excellence” to 7Layers for their outstanding work at the PTCRB. Established in 1997 by North American Mobile Network Operators, the PTCRB provides a certification program for wireless devices supporting GERAN (GSM), UTRAN and E-UTRAN (LTE) technologies.

7th January 2013
7Layers Is Now A Bureau Veritas Group Company

The 7Layers Group would like to announce that as of the beginning of 2013, its ownership has changed and that it now belongs to the Bureau Veritas Group. Created in 1828, Bureau Veritas supports its clients in improving their performance by offering services and innovative solutions which ensure that their assets, products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection...

Test & Measurement
5th December 2012
7Layers offers ECC Testing for a MIMO LTE Enabled Device

7Layers is pleased to announce that it is the first independent test lab to measure Envelope Correlation Coefficient. ECC and its measurement is an important parameter to be considered while developing an LTE device supporting MIMO antenna system. 7Layers ability to test and measure the ECC represent a major step forward in helping LTE devices reach higher spectral efficiency and achieve faster data rates.

24th September 2012
7Layers is now a MetroPCS authorized test lab for LTE handset certification

7Layers has been recognized by MetroPCS Communications as an approved test lab for LTE device certification. The cooperation expands the options available to mobile phone manufacturers who are preparing to introduce LTE devices. 7Layers is now able to help manufacturers to certify devices in a timely manner for MetroPCS’ network.

25th July 2012
7Layers announces that it is joining the M2M Alliance

7Layers commitment to enhance the developments towards a smarter world, is illustrated once more by us joining the growing M2M Alliance. 7Layers commitment to enhance the developments towards a smarter world, is illustrated once more by us joining the growing M2M Alliance. 7Layers has set out to become an active member of the alliance, supporting its efforts to enhance the business environment of M2M applications and standards.

Test & Measurement
9th July 2012
InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT Covers Test requirements Of Almost All World-Wide LTE Carriers

By further extending its InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT, 7Layers has increased its reach into the test labs of world’s leading LTE carriers. After successful installation at various leading US-carriers and mobile phone manufacturers, the InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT has recently been set-up at the China Mobile Laboratories, showing once more its wide area of test requirements coverage.

14th June 2012
7Layers selects Anite to Enhance LTE Device Testing in the USA

Anite today announced that 7Layers has selected Anite’s LTE device test solution for its conformance and operator acceptance testing in the U.S. 7Layers’ customers, targeting the U.S. market, expressed their preference for the test laboratory to use Anite’s LTE device test solution as it offers leading test coverage for both PTCRB/GCF conformance and carrier specific testing.

29th February 2012
Global Coverage For Car Connectivity Consortium’s

7Layers is the first to offer global coverage of MirrorLink certification services in accordance with Car Connectivity Consortium’s standards. MirrorLink certification testing in an authorized test laboratory has been applicable since January 2012, and 7Layers had one of the first labs to offer this service. Following a successful launch, 7Layers decided to expand its test and certification services.

29th February 2012
7Layers US is now a Sprint approved test lab for LTE network conformance testing and certification

7Layers is proud to announce that its laboratory in Irvine, California has been selected as a “Sprint Approved Test Lab” to test devices against Sprint’s 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) network conformance and performance requirements. 7Layers now can work with manufactures of mobile devices to achieve meeting the operational requirements for Sprint’s 4G LTE network.

Test & Measurement
22nd February 2012
InterLab LIVE, a unique web-platform, offers the world’s first online test plan generator

So far,test plan generation for wireless products has been time-consuming, know-how intensive and prone to error, especially if the product in questions supports a multitude of features, or if the technology is new or test requirements change frequently. This is about to change with InterLab LIVE: Users can now create and download up-to-date test plan packages that are specially geared to the features of their product, within less than an hour an...

19th December 2011
7Layers establishes Qualcomm authorized test lab in North America

7Layers is proud to announce that its laboratory in Irvine, California has been selected as a Qualcomm authorized test lab (ATL). 7Layers will offer expert technology support combined with state-of-the-art testing services to help reduce time to market for device manufacturers using Qualcomm technology.

Test & Measurement
12th December 2011
7Layers Korea- Now Performing MirrorLink Certification Testing

The 7Layers test & engineering center in Korea has received Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) authorized status. 7Layers can now perform MirrorLink certification testing, thus helping to ensure interoperability between in-vehicle infotainment systems and drivers’ smartphones.

14th July 2011
Benefit from the 7Layers OTA experience for Battery Life Testing Services

When purchasing a mobile phone consumers are not only looking for design and price but also for stand-by and talk time of their new product.

Test & Measurement
17th May 2011
InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/ USAT, a validated test platform for GCF, PTCRB and Verizon Wireless, wins best practices award from Frost & Sullivan

The InterLab Test Solution LTE-USIM/ USAT from 7Layers received the Best Practices Award 2011 from Frost & Sullivan, who are quoting as follows: In today’s economic hit market, CAPEX is a key concern. In this scenario, 7Layers has recently developed the InterLab® Test Solution LTE-USIM/USAT, which satisfies key customer concerns such as: - test coverage for LTE UICC test requirements, - adaptation to various network simulators...

Wireless Microsite
2nd February 2011
Unique PICS/PIXIT detector for wirelees devices

7Layers decides to put an end to the mystery of identifying the correct product features of a wireless device that supports GSM, UMTS or LTE technology.

2nd February 2011
Unique PICS/PIXIT detector for wirelees devices

7Layers decides to put an end to the mystery of identifying the correct product features of a wireless device that supports GSM, UMTS or LTE technology.

Test & Measurement
28th January 2011
First ever Bluetooth low energy End Product Design Listing is completed by 7Layers

7Layers, a test and service center for wireless communications, listed the first ever Bluetooth low energy end-product design on the Bluetooth Qualified Design List for Nordic Semiconductor ASA, a world leader in short-range ultra low power 2.4GHz wireless connectivity on 10th January 2011. The nRF8001 solution from Nordic Semiconductor is a complete Bluetooth low energy stack on which basis manufacturers can now conveniently create their own pro...

Test & Measurement
4th January 2011
GCF approves LTE USIM test platform from 7 layers

On 15th Dec. 2010 GCF announced that the LTE USIM test solution from 7 layers complies with its test platform acceptance criteria Due to this our InterLab Test Solution LTE USIM/ USAT is now the first and only test platform in the world that fulfills the criteria of GCF work item 125, which means that it is the only test solution so far that can be used officially for GCF certification of LTE USIM features.

16th December 2010
7 layers announces the deployment of the CCF Test Plan Database based on its InterLab Software System

The InterLab Software System developed by 7 layers was chosen by the CDMA Certification Forum (CCF) for its new CCF Test Plan Database. InterLab offers consistent data and process management, thus securing global access to information needed for CDMA certification and improving the overall test and certification experience. CCF members can now generate test plans for CDMA devices automatically via the Internet, thus easing the certification proce...

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