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27th September 2022
Lack of inclusion in STEM must be addressed at source, says 3M

The vast majority of Britons (84%) believe it’s important to increase diversity and inclusion in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, according to 3M’s SOSI (State of Science Index). However, the majority (76%) agree that there are barriers standing in the way of students currently accessing a strong STEM education.

18th August 2021
Glass Bubbles from 3M help enable faster designs

3M is introducing Glass Bubbles from 3M for 5G, the newest member of its high-strength hollow glass bubbles product line, provides a unique, low-loss high speed high frequency (HSHF) resin additive for composite materials that designers use to build 5G devices and assemblies. 3M Glass Bubbles help designers enable products that can meet the rigorous transmission requirements and increased power demands that come with 5G implementation, while lowe...

23rd July 2019
Partnership to drive development of material solutions for EVs

Universal Science has signed a channel partnership agreement with 3M. Under the new arrangement, Universal Science will collaborate with, and utilise 3M’s wide range of materials in the application-specific solutions it develops, working closely in support of design teams within its growing global customer base. The primary objective of the partnership agreement is to significantly enhance the service, technologies and solutions availa...

11th April 2019
How are Scottish poultry hens generating power?

The science-based technology company, 3M, has announced that 3M Novec Engineered Fluids are helping poultry hens at Glenhead of Aldouran to not only produce thousands of eggs, but also create enough chicken manure to generate heat and power for the farm. 

12th April 2018
Infrared sensor designed for detection of refrigerant gases

  Oldham, a company within the 3M Group, Personal Safety Division has announced the launch of a new infrared sensor for detection of refrigerant gases and SF6. The OLCT 100 is a 4-20mA analogue gas transmitter designed for industrial applications in hazardous locations.

24th August 2017
3M improves adhesion of wearable medical devices

When Joe’s heart-rate monitor kept falling off, he asked his doctor, “Isn’t there a better way to make it stick?” Thanks to 3M, there is. The company that makes everything from Post-it® Notes to structural adhesives that hold airplanes together, also makes advanced medical adhesives that can hold for up to two weeks. When considering adhesive science and the challenges of a substrate like skin, design engineers kn...

22nd December 2016
Finishing touches for world’s fastest car

A supersonic car expected to smash the land speed record has returned to 3M’s Atherstone facility for a final paint job, which will be more than just cosmetic.

Component Management
27th October 2016
Engineered fluids for precision cleaning

3M has expanded its range of Novec Engineered Fluids with a new version designed for the more demanding types of metal cleaning applications.  In common with other Novec Engineered Fluids, 3M says it has excellent health, safety and environmental properties in line with all current regulations, making it a safe and sustainable choice.

Component Management
19th April 2016
Trike’s sunset date has arrived... What's the alternative?

3M has created a set of resources for users of Trichloroethylene – more commonly known as Trike or TCE – to help them manage the ‘sunset date’ for this popular cleaning fluid, widely used in metal component manufacturing and preparation processes.

9th February 2016
Multi-Touch Systems is based on metal mesh technology

3M has announced the worldwide launch of its new projected capacitive (PCAP) Multi-Touch Systems using 3M proprietary ultrafine Metal Mesh conductor design. At just 3µm wide, the ultrafine mesh conductor allows a more vibrant, high quality optical viewing experience when integrated into a Multi-Touch Display.

20th January 2012
Avago Technologies Enables Thinner Digital Cameras with New Small-Footprint Auto-Focus Auxiliary Flash LEDs

Avago Technologies today announced two series of compact LEDs that reduce space requirements for designing auto-focus auxiliary flash functionality into digital cameras. The new ASMT-FJ70 and ASMT-FG70 devices are available in one of the market’s thinnest, smallest-footprint packages for LEDs with the brightness needed for auto-focus functionality in dark settings.

9th January 2012
DisplayLink Superspeed USB 3.0 LCD Controller Chip

Display Solution AG announces the availability of DisplayLinks award-winning SuperSpeed USB (USB 3.0) DL-3000 series of display controller chips for the European market. Future innovations of virtual graphics technology enables the development of a new generation of USB monitors, universal docking stations e.g. Solving problems for industrial customers thanks to high level features like USB 2.0, 3.0, HDMI, DVI, VGA, DAC, and Gigabit Ethernet. Pro...

2nd November 2011
austriamicrosystems launches new LED drivers and optimized backlight power supply to provide best efficiency in LED TVs

austriamicrosystems has announced the release of the latest additions to the company’s comprehensive LED TV driver and support IC portfolio. The new ICs include three LED drivers and a new LED power supply IC. These new devices plus other LED drivers will be demonstrated at the FPD International Exhibition & Convention, October 26 - 28, in Yokohama, Japan. austriamicrosystems will also be demonstrating the company’s complete ambie...

Tech Videos
31st October 2011
PicoScope 9000 Series — Application: Making Optical Measurements

Pete shows how to increase the accuracy of your measurements using the PicoScope 9000 when making rise-time measurements in optical signals that have a high level of uncertainty and jitter.

21st October 2011
The multi-stage off line LED driver

Although it is relatively straightforward to design a basic LED driver for a general lighting application, it becomes far more complex when additional functionality such as phase cut dimming and power factor correction are also required. A non-dimming LED driver with no power factor correction generally consists of an off line switching power supply configured to regulate the output at a constant current. This is not much different from a standar...

19th September 2011
3M’s new silicone laminating adhesive tapes solve the problem of bonding to silicone and other hard-to-bond substrates

3M, has used its continuous innovation and creativity to develop and introduce three new lines of 3M silicone laminating adhesive tapes, giving OEMs and converters the ability to achieve high bond strengths to silicone, one of the hardest to bond surfaces because of its very low surface energy.

14th September 2011
HE PGroup Unveils Cost-effective DC/DCConverter for LED Lighting Fixture

HEP has launched a series of newly developed DC/DC Converters for LED lighting fixture. There are 12 models of boost converter available in 350mA or 700mA outputs, and 3 models of buck converter available in 350mA output. Also we offer customized and quick-to-market service.

12th September 2011
LED Engin announces narrow beam lens and emitter combinations that cut fixture size by more than 50%

LED Engin, Inc announces the introduction of two arrow-angle TIR (Total Internal Reflection) high efficiency lenses for the company’s high flux LuxiGen LZC- and LZP- series emitters. The proprietary 8-degree narrow spot lens and 15-degree spot lens are designed for use with LED Engin’s compact, high flux density LZC (12-die) and LZP (24-die) LuxiGen emitters.

24th August 2011
DN74 ZXSC400 Photoflash LED reference design

This design note shows the ZXSC400 driving a Photoflash LED. The input voltage is 3V with a maximum pulsed output current of 1A for 2ms.

10th August 2011
ALRAD introduce mvBlueFOX-MLC module - single board camera

The mvBlueFOX-MLC module is a fully featured compact single-board camera perfectly targeted for space and cost sensitive OEM applications.

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