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11th September 2017
DSEI 2017: ICE upgrades banish RF interference

DSEI was the Launchpad today (September 12) for Cobham’s Integrated Communications Environment (ICE) product range which provides major improvements to existing communications systems on platforms. The ICE products include a multi-radio interference cancellation system and new high-performance multi-port V/UHF antenna.

Test & Measurement
9th August 2016
Integrated LMR testing solution set for show debut

The Cobham 3550R and the 8800 Series Radio Test Sets are now fully integrated with the TRX Systems NEON Signal Mapper application in an automated solution that simplifies and dramatically reduces the time required for indoor LMR testing. NEON Signal Mapper automates the geo-referencing, cloud storage, and 3D visualisation of LMR test data for technicians who use the 3550R and the 8800SX test sets to record and analyse two-way radio signals inside...

Test & Measurement
29th March 2016
DMR repeater test options enhanced

A DMR Repeater Test Option has been released by Cobham for its 8800 Series Digital Radio Test Set. This option enables the 8800 Series to test the transmitter and receiver of a DMR repeater base station. The 8800 Series is able to generate the signalling protocol that is necessary to “wake-up” the DMR repeater and cause it to start transmitting.

Test & Measurement
23rd March 2016
Digital radio test set gets manufacturer's thumbs up

The 8800SX Digital Radio Test Set for testing Land Mobile Radio systems has been introduced by Cobham. It features new software for testing a wide variety of Motorola and other OEM radio systems and also features a new external 10MHz reference designed to ensure that Land Mobile Radio end users have the best equipment to ensure their radio equipment is operating at the highest standard.

24th October 2011
Wide Band, Medium Gain Omni Antennas for Military Communications L/W and Lower/Upper C-Bands

Two new Omni Antennas are now available covering Military L/S-Band and C-Band communications frequencies. Antenna reference OA4-1.7-2.5V/1810 (photograph left) is a wide band omni, covering the frequency range 1.7 to 2.5GHz. It features high gain of up to 4.2dBi and vertical polarization.

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