Unique wireless device requirements for healthcare

10th March 2015
Nat Bowers

Today’s mobile medical device simply needs to be connected securely and wirelessly to the enterprise to provide integration to the Electronic Health Record as well as to the mobile clinician. The 2015 healthcare environment provides many challenges such as the number of mobile users, the BYOD trend, the construction materials of the facility, the enterprise WLAN design and ultimately the performance characteristics of the WLAN enabled radio within the medical device.

Medical device companies need to understand that there are unique requirements to ensure the success of their WLAN deployed solution. Not understanding this brings a cost in multiple areas such as performance, potential regulatory recalls, product re-design, loss of revenue and finally competitive market positioning.

This white paper will provide details of the requirements needed for a WLAN enabled medical device to perform correctly in a mobile and secure environment. It will also outline the costs incurred and saved via the non-selection and/or correct selection of an embedded WLAN module.

Download and read the full Laird whitepaper below.

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