New device launched to prevent the spread of viruses

29th May 2020
Lanna Cooper

A Dartford-based company has developed a new technology which prevents the spread of harmful viruses by preventing people repeatedly touching their faces. The new Protactus technology works by the user wearing simple wrist straps and a neck device. 

Any time the user brings their hand close to their face, the neck device gives off an audible alarm to warn the user. 

This new product is the brainchild of Hugh-Peter Kelly, a seasoned entrepreneur and business owner. Hugh-Peter has worked in collaboration with Texcel Technology, who have driven the design and production of the finished product. Patents have already been applied for covering the IP that makes the technology work.

Peter Shawyer, Commercial Director of Texcel Technology said: “Studies have shown that on average people touch their faces around 16 time an hour. In the current global pandemic environment, that means during a typical day that’s 256 opportunities for someone to spread harmful bacteria such as the coronavirus.

"There are many applications where this device could help to dramatically reduce the spread of harmful microorganisms. But this product isn’t just confined to the current covid-19 crisis. It can also be used to help people change habits and behaviours, improve their self-hygiene and wellbeing.

"Hugh-Peter approached us with his brainchild, and we were delighted to work with him on this project and turn his vision into a working product. We have a fantastic product and are really looking forward to ramping up production as business and consumers see the value of this innovation."

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