myFirst, introduces the bone conducting wireless lite headphones

17th November 2022
Sheryl Miles

myFirst, the Singapore-based tech brand for kids, has announced the availability of its latest innovative tech, the myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite.

Designed for young children in today’s world of smart devices, the headphones offer children a safe way to listen to music and watch movies or videos whilst still protecting hearing health with volume limiting technology. 

Unlike most headphones for children, they use bone conduction technology whereby the sound transmits via the cheekbones. Unlike traditional headphones and earbuds, the eardrum doesn’t vibrate to pass the information, instead, the vibrations from the bone conduction goes directly to the cochlea acting in lieu of the eardrum.

The added benefit is that it also allows children’s ears to be open to external noise. This means that children are aware of traffic when crossing a road, can hear a parent shouting or an alarm going off, vital in today’s busy world. This bone conduction technology is usually only found in premium adult headphones, many of which cost well over £100. With the focus always on protecting a child’s hearing, the audio level is also set at an appropriate volume, ensuring safe levels of listening for the child thus avoiding damage to small ears.

The BC Wireless Lite headphones are also extremely comfortable to wear with large silicone pads and soft rubber contact points and weigh 28gms. The headphones play duration is up to 5 hours and can be quickly charged with a USB type C cable. This makes them ideal for keeping kids entertained for prolonged periods of use, such as long flights or car journeys. As importantly, being specifically made for children, they are incredibly durable so can survive even the roughest handling and with a waterproof rating of IPX6 can survive being caught in the rain or even dropped down the toilet!

The myFirst Headphones BC Wireless Lite are available from myFirst for an RRP of $59/ £59/ €59.90. They will also be available from Amazon and selected retailers soon.

Key Features:

  • Bone conduction technology 
  • Volume limited to safe levels
  • Soft rubber contact points and large silicon pads 
  • Incredibly lightweight at only 28gms
  • 5 hours of continuous play time
  • Easily charged via a USB Type C Cable
  • Water and dust resistance of IPX6
  • Music playtime 5 hours
  • Standby time 20 days
  • Charging time 1.5 hours
  • Speaker impedance c. 8Ω
  • Frequency range 20-20kHz
  • Microphone sensitivity c. -42dB
  • Connection distance 15m


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