Just a flick of the wrist and a click of the fingers

11th April 2017
Anna Flockett

With many different smartwatches on the market today, you can do almost everything from the palm of your hand; from answering your phone, to measuring your heart rate. However, now imagine an additional  device on your smartwatch that lets you control all the functions through a gesture of the wrist.

CLIP transforms your hands into a universal remote control.

The first finger gesture controller for wearables, IoT and VR has been developed by FlickTek, a company who aims to deliver innovative HMI solutions to enhance user experience through seamless technology interaction.

The product called CLIP, attaches to smartwatches including Android products and allows you to use the watch all through the gestures of your fingers. This is the first and only sensor technology for the wrist that is able to read and understand your finger movements - which is a fast and natural way of interaction that lets you focus on what’s ahead and think forward.

CLIP is in fact the first smartwatch accessory that is placed under the strap to control your smartwatch with simple finger gestures.

When we talk about finger gesture, you might already have a lot of different gestures in mind. The gesture of thumbs up, the gesture of a rock, the gesture of a shaka, the gesture of love, the gesture of victory and many others. If you think of any of these gestures, you should be able to picture how these gestures look like: they look like symbols. They are static position of the hand where the fingers don’t move.

However, the finger gestures in the context of the CLIP have an opposite focus. We want you to move your fingers. So the gesture looks more as a motion, so instead of thinking what’s the shape of your gesture, think about what the MOVE is.

The sensors are designed to maximise the finger movement information and filter out noise coming from other sources, whilst they rely on piezoelectric effect these sensors are extremely low power.

The system comes in a 2mm silicone foil perfect to be embedded in any wearable apparatus for the wrist.

The finger movements are detected by the sensors and then translated into commands, you are also able to choose your gestures and customise the smartwatch experience for yourself.

CLIP is split into two main parts- the body and the clip part. The main body is covered by a black silicone sleeve and that is where most of the magic is enclosed. For example the sensors are placed in the top area and covered by silicone, they detect biomechanical signal so they work in contact with skin but don’t require warming up and are waterproof.

The electronics are placed under the sensors and then the antenna is placed at the bottom of the clip so ideally would not be covered by the metal of your watch.

With one button that allows you to turn the device ON and OFF, it also gives you a visual feedback about the status of the last command.

Within the clip part of CLIP is where you will find the charging port, which is connected through magnets and the LEDs – there are two LEDs both with different jobs.

LED number one is the charging light which whilst charging turns on and then turns off to inform you CLIP is fully charged. LED number two is the status light, at the start of your day or when the button is pressed for less than 6s this light will blink to you giving you details of the Bluetooth and battery status. Battery status is given through the brightness of the LED – the brighter your bulb the more full your battery.

The CLIP has been designed with the materials and shape to give you the best possible and most comfortable experience, with a high recognition rate and one size that fits all.

It is also designed with practicality in mind as it can be used all day, every day, being splash-proof and invisible. The CLIP also comes with everything you need – it connects via Bluetooth using low energy, the battery will last 60 hours, with a capacity of 70mA, and it only weighs ten grams.

CLIP’s measurements are: 2.5x1x4cm.

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