Audio platform increases power in JBL CLUB headphone series

17th January 2020
Lanna Cooper

HARMAN has announced that the Personi-Fi platform can now be used across all headphones in the JBL CLUB series. Built for today’s on-the-go lifestyle, Personi-Fi lets people tailour their listening experience wherever they are and on whichever JBL CLUB headphones device they choose. This new technology was showcased and available in headphones for the first time at CES 2020.

“HARMAN Personi-Fi is a breakthrough audio solution for today’s listeners who are looking for as personal and mobile experience possible. Now available in headphones, Personi-Fi gives consumers the freedom to choose and customise how they want to listen,” said Dave Rogers, President, Lifestyle Audio at HARMAN.

What is Personi-Fi?

HARMAN created the Personi-Fi audio platform to give listeners a personalised audio experience that they can enjoy in their home and on the go.

Informed by decades of research in psychoacoustics, Personi-Fi enables users to optimise the sound they hear based on their age, gender, listening preferences and more, all at the touch of a button.

How does Personi-Fi work?

Based on a short series of questions, listeners create their own Personi-Fi hearing profile and sound preferences, which are then combined and calculated to establish their Personal Listening Profile.

Next, specialised signal processing creates a personalised sound curve applied directly to the  users’ headphones. From then on, the processing works with any content the user plays to give them the a  personalised listening experience.

Personi-Fi JBL CLUB series

Revealed at CES 2020, the company claim that the JBL CLUB is the first headphone series inspired by touring musicians: CLUB ONE, CLUB 950NC and CLUB 700BT marry stage-ready performance with advanced features designed for every day.

Available in both over-ear and on-ear design options, this series amplifies personal audio, whether jamming out at home or traveling overseas.

Once activated through the 'My JBL Headphones' app, music lovers can customise their own listening preferences as the app automatically calibrates the audio to the listener, resulting in a personal sound curve that is permanently stored in the headphone.

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