Farnell adds "game-changing" soldering tools

12th November 2020
Mick Elliott

Farnell is expanding its range of products with the GT family of soldering systems from Metcal.

Described as “game changers”, the GT90 and GT120 soldering stations offer new levels of functionality and efficiency to Original Equipment Manufacturers and Contract Electronics Manufacturers, electronic design and bench engineers involved in the manufacture and service of electrical and electronic equipment.

The GT Series can be used in hand soldering applications including industrial electronics, power and energy, consumer electronics and mobile devices.

It features an adjustable temperature control as well as an inductive heating system, offering improved time-to-temperature, temperature stability, thermal recovery and improved energy efficiency.

Significant performance advances are supported by innovative patent-pending technology which enable customers to achieve higher throughput and improved quality of products on their electronics production line.

The GT90 and GT120 feature an easy-to-use, intuitive interface and their compact size minimises workbench footprint.

The GT120 is also a cost-effective solution for ultra-high thermal demand applications.

The GT90 provides 90 W of power and comes with a GT4 solder pen for use in light to medium load applications and carries a one-year warranty.

The GT120 boasts 120 W of power, is supplied with GT6 solder pen for use in medium to heavy load applications and has a two-year warranty.

Both systems are compatible with a large variety of tips to handle standard and micro components.

Other key features include:

  • Temperature: A unique adjustable soldering temperature range from 200 to 450 ⁰C and an inductive heating system. Delivers best-in-class performance including improved time-to-temperature, temperature stability and thermal recovery.
  • Efficiency: High efficiency with improved performance from less power. The GT Series, with 90 W and 120 W of power, outperform alternative systems currently on the market rated at 250 W by up to 30%.
  • Functionality: Ease of use through intuitive interface with 2.5” display, secure programmable password lock-out and temperature range limits. Both units are supplied with an external power supply, allowing a more compact design to save space on the bench. Standby and sleep settings increase tip life.
  • Connectivity: USB port to power accessories and download field upgradeable firmware.

James McGregor, Global Head of Test & Tools, Farnell said: “Farnell strives to deliver market-leading technology to our customers, enabling them to work smarter and with greater efficiency – and the GT Series from Metcal does just that. The GT120 is one of the most versatile soldering stations available in the market which can handle the smallest components and most demanding thermal load applications. Whether our customers are carrying out production soldering, research and development or soldering under a microscope, we have the solutions available to meet their needs.”

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