DELO presents a new jet valve for ultra-small dispensing quantities

5th June 2024
Paige West

DELO has introduced a new microdispensing valve. The DELO-DOT PN5 LV pneumatic jet valve is designed for dispensing low-viscosity adhesives and other media in miniaturised applications.

Thanks to its compact design, it requires very little space for installation in production systems.

This new device widens DELO's existing portfolio of dispensing valves. While the closely related DELO-DOT PN5, introduced in 2022, was developed for more viscous, highly filled materials, the new LV (low-viscosity) variant is primarily aimed at dispensing smaller droplet sizes of low-to-medium-viscosity media with up to 35,000 mPa·s.

Interchangeable nozzles with different diameters and a flexible, adjustable plunger stroke ensure precise and reliable applications at different droplet sizes. Volumes as low as 1nl can be achieved, corresponding to droplet diameters of 250µm or less.

Thanks to its compact dimensions of 68 × 19 × 90mm (W x D x H), the DELO-DOT PN5 LV requires very little space for installation in production systems. At just 240g, its lightweight construction enables quick valve acceleration and a smaller axis and drive design. It supports high-speed processes with a continuous dispensing frequency of up to 250Hz.

The drive in the DELO-DOT PN5 LV is designed to operate over one billion cycles, meeting the highest standards of robustness. The fluid plunger is composed of durable materials such as ceramic and carbide. Thanks to its two-part construction, users can replace both the plunger and the nozzle in the event of wear, namely at the end of the life cycle. The bayonet lock allows for simple removal without any tools. Cleaning the fluid system can also be done with minimal effort.

In contrast to needle dispensers, jet valves apply the adhesive in a contactless way that prevents the valve and component from colliding. This is particularly advantageous for complex dispensing geometries. As no movement in the z-direction is required, adhesive jetting also enables higher dispensing speeds.

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