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Viscom X8011 PCB Is Now Available with Automatic X-ray Inspection and Quality Uplink

11th April 2013
Nat Bowers

Many soldered connections can only be reliably checked with X-ray inspection. Viscom’s X8011 PCB high-resolution manual X-ray inspection system was developed especially for these tasks. Now electronics manufacturers can draw on Viscom’s first-class automatic analysis routines of the X7056 family of automatic X-ray inspection systems with this offline solution as well.

Thus, the X8011 PCB system can now be equipped with the unique Viscom Quality Uplink. Through the linking of inspection results from solder paste inspection with pre- and post-reflow optical inspection and with X-ray inspection, this function provides simplified classification and effective process control.

The application scope of the X8011 PCB X-ray inspection system reaches from random sample analysis and special inspection of individual components, up to automatic start-up support and small series inspection. Thanks to the integration of the proven automatic SI inspection analyses, the system is ideally suited for high-mix low-volume manufacture.

The heart of the X-ray technology is the open micro-focus transmission tube (up to 200 kV). Optionally, a sealed direct beam tube also can be employed. Both tubes are distinguished by their stable X-ray radiation during continuous operation. For the highest magnifications and best image quality, a digital flat panel detector that also can be used in angled radiation is employed.

Through the simultaneous availability of the automatic X-ray analysis and the manual or semi-automatic inspection, this system offers the highest flexibility. Additionally, for special inspections or non-standard components, the Viscom XMC software is available. With intuitive operation and comprehensive analysis functions, the inspection objects can be easily and precisely checked. Even further, 3-D reconstruction with Viscom’s proprietary computed tomography also is available.

The particular strength of the system is the fully automatic X-ray analysis with Viscom’s SI software, applying more than 25 years of experience in assembly inspection. With the SI software, the well-known Viscom inspection depth of the X7056 in-line family also is available offline.

Through the linking of inspection results from SPI, AOI, AXI and MXI Viscom Quality Uplink provides simplified classification and effective process control. For example, all inspection data from the Viscom 3-D solder paste inspection can be displayed directly on the verification station of the X8011 PCB.

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