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WS Fast series wavelength meter for fast dynamics

19th October 2020
Alex Lynn

The recently launched WS Fast Series offers accuracy combined with maximum data acquisition rate of up to 76kHz, allowing fast dynamics in the kHz range to be directly observed. Different measurement modes enable the user to record or view the frequency behaviour of the light source.

External triggering allows the user to synchronise wavelength measurement with external setup by means of TTL pulses. The light sensitive sensors are prepared for measurement up to a specifiable integration time after the arrival of the external trigger pulse. HighFinesse offers the WS Fast devices as compact device. The technology relies on Fizeau-based interferometers and the well approved principle of non-moving optics.

The optical unit consists of Fizeau-based interferometers which are read out by photodiode arrays. We achieve remarkable high accuracy and stability by using exclusive, non-moving optics. The sturdiness of our design has been proven even under extreme conditions such as freefall dropping experiments or in air-borne applications (LIDAR).

The absence of movable parts ensures advantages, such as high-speed measurements of pulsed and continuous lasers.

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