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WiFi data loggers monitor events 24/7

9th November 2015
Mick Elliott

A range of highly effective WiFi data loggers has been added to its extensive instrumentation product portfolio by Electronic Assembly. The temperature and humidity sensors are manufactured to exacting standards by Corintech, and they are suitable for uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring in sensitive environments.

The measurement range varies between -20 to +60°C and -270 to +1300°C depending on the logger type.

Basic setup of the practical WiFi data loggers via USB could not be easier, and data can be transferred over an existing WiFi. 802.11(x) connectivity makes communications setup on the network quick and easy.

Because the data logger has an autonomous source of power (rechargeable lithium polymer batteries), it can store all of the key data internally for weeks at a time even if WiFi connectivity is not available around the clock. The data loggers can operate independently for up to a year depending on how they are configured.

The display is easy to read, and it continuously shows all relevant data. Depending on the configuration, an alarm can be raised on a PC or forwarded by e-mail or cloud function.

The responsive parties are always notified as soon as a value drifts outside of defined limits. The WiFi data loggers provide uninterrupted round-the-clock monitoring, making a vital contribution to the protection of key sites and facilities.

User-friendly software is available for data analysis. Accurate assessments can be made based on a high-precision graphic display of information for an entire monitoring period. Users also have the option of exporting data to various spreadsheets for long-term analysis.

Different levels of cloud connectivity are also available. Due to the quality of the build, the application range for the data loggers is almost limitless.

They suit everyday production tasks as well as facilities management, the food industry, HVAC, healthcare, science, agriculture and much more.

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