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VNAs measure 24 test ports simultaneously

1st February 2019
Mick Elliott

With its frequency range up to 40GHz, manufacturers of active and passive components can use the R&S ZNBT40 vector network analyser from Rohde & Schwarz for a wide variety of multi-antenna communications systems (MIMO, SISO, MISO), including radar systems for the A&D sector.

It is also suited to measurements on frontend modules, antenna arrays and beamformer chips for 5G NR.

It measures up to 24 test ports at the same time, enabling measurements on multiport components as well as simultaneous parallel measurements on multiple DUTs.

The R&S ZNBT is claimed to be the only multiport vector network analyser that can measure in the frequency spectrum below 300kHz, making it ideal for specification tests in accordance with various standards such as USB-C.

The analyser allows users to perform signal integrity tests in order to check crosstalk or length offset between lines or to detect faults in cables.

Depending on the system to be measured, the R&S ZNBT40 is the right choice for measurements in development, service, and especially in production where substantial time and cost savings can be achieved by making up to 24 measurements in parallel.

In addition to measuring S-parameters on multiport devices, the VNAs can perform phase measurements on up to 24 signals. Rohde & Schwarz ensures specified performance on all R&S ZNBT test ports. Users can count on long-term measurement stability thanks to the instrument’s excellent raw RF data.

The multiport vector network analysers R&S ZNBT40 and R&S ZNBT26 are the latest members of the tried and tested R&S ZNBT family consisting of the R&S ZNBT8 (9 kHz to 8.5 GHz) and the R&S ZNBT20 (100 kHz to 20 GHz).

These analysers can also be equipped with up to 24 integrated test ports. The new 26.5GHz R&S ZNBT26 and 40GHz R&S ZNBT40 are available now from Rohde & Schwarz.

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