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USB oscilloscope generates 40MHz signals

19th June 2016
Mick Elliott

The Handyscope HS5-540 has a true form CDS generator capable of generating high fidelity signals up to 40 MHz. The Arbitrary waveform generator sampling frequency is adjustable up to 240 MHz. The 64 MSamples waveform buffer allows for many user applications. The CDS system of the Handyscope HS5-540 Arbitrary waveform generator gives a typical spurious distortion below -85 dB at 100 kHz signal frequency.

The instrument is also a powerful high speed USB oscilloscope that combines fast sampling up to 500 MS/s with high resolutions of 12, 14 and 16 bit and a large memory of 64 MSamples.

The oscilloscope supports continuous streaming measurements up to 20 MS/s at 12 bit resolution (40 MS/s at 8 bit resolution) and can be synchronised with other oscilloscopes using the CMI interface to form a multi-channel combined instrument with synchronised timebase.

The CMI interface is available by default on the Handyscope HS5.

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