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USB DAQ module samples at 2MS/s per channel

29th October 2014
Mick Elliott

A new USB 2.0 data acquisition module from ADLINK Technology supports four 16-bit channels of simultaneous sampling at up to 2 MS/s per channel, and ensures zero data loss in long-term data acquisition thanks to 256MS deep onboard FIFO. It is an optimised solution for portable measurement applications such as ultrasound and optical sensors.

The module features high dynamic performance, delivering -100 dB THD and 14.3-Bit ENOB (effective number of bits) at up to 2MS/s. With 256MS deep onboard FIFO, up to 16 sec data buffer enables long-term data acquisition and recording at full speed (2MS/s), preventing data loss from slow CPU response under heavy system loading.

In addition, the USB-1210’s built-in precision reference voltage makes auto-calibration simple, with no need for external instruments, reducing the impact of environmental temperature variations to maximise accuracy.

To maintain top performance in varied test environments and conditions, the module supports external digital/analogue trigger source and flexible trigger modes. In addition, 500 VDC isolation protects the connected computer from hazardous voltage caused by improper signal connection and enhanced anti-noise capability effectively prevents improper ground loop interference, altogether enhancing system reliability.

The module also provides lockable USB for robust connection, and an included multi-functional stand fully supports desktop, rail, or wall mounting. The USB-1210 supports Windows 8 and Windows 7 operating systems, and is fully compatible with third-party software such as LabVIEW, MATLAB, and Visual Studio.NET.

As well, with ADLINK's free easy-to-use U-Test software, users can quickly and easily process instrument setup and quality data acquisition with no programming required.

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