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Transmitter calculates the dew point temperature

13th August 2015
Nat Bowers

Measuring CO2, temperature and relative humidity and calculating the dew point temperature, the EE800 transmitter has been introduced by E+E Elektronik. Versions with the Modbus RTU or BACnet MS/TP interface also calculate absolute humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy, frost point temperature and partial water vapour pressure. They can be easily integrated into a bus system for building automation or automatic indoor climate control.

The CO2 infrared measuring principle (dual wavelength NDIR) used on the EE800 is characterised by high resistance to contamination. The auto-calibration compensates for ageing effects, which leads to exceptional long-term stability. A multi-point CO2 and temperature factory adjustment ensures excellent CO2 measurement accuracy across the entire temperature working range.

The EE800 versions with analogue output (current or voltage) also feature also an optional passive temperature output.

The innovative snap-on design allows for fast mounting and minimises installation costs. In order to meet various international standards the EE800 is available in two enclosure sizes. The measured or calculated values can be read on the optional display. An optional USB configuration adapter facilitates easy setup and adjustment of the EE800.

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