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Telonic adds Siglent’s latest 12-bit oscilloscopes to its portfolio

5th July 2024
Harry Fowle

The latest oscilloscopes by Siglent, the SDS800X HD, SDS1000X HD and SDS3000X HD are now available from Telonic Instruments.

The new series of oscilloscopes is designed to improve signal fidelity, visualisation, and analysis. Each high-resolution scope has advanced 12-bit ADCs, low noise, gain accuracy, and channel isolation. Bandwidths range from 70 MHz to 4 GHz providing outstanding signal fidelity for a wide range of applications including power, EMI, frequency analysis, embedded design, and failure analysis.

Ensuring accuracy

The SDS800X HD and SDS1000X HD are typically specified at just 70 µVrms noise at 200 MHz bandwidth. As is the case with all Siglent high-resolution oscilloscopes, the lower ranges are specified at 1.5% DC gain accuracy and 0.5% accuracy for ranges ≥5 mV/div. The SDS3000X HD series offers up to 60 dB of channel-to-channel isolation. This performance enables engineers to analyse and solve signal fidelity issues from 70 MHz and above.


The oscilloscopes also feature simultaneous zooming on live signals in both horizontal and vertical directions for all-round visibility. Combined with the large memory available, this enables extensive analysis and the capability to reveal previously hidden insights.

Another feature is a broad set of ranges designed with high offset capability, enabling smaller signal anomalies further away from ground to be revealed. Together, the range and zoom capabilities allow the user to view and analyse small signal details which may have otherwise been overlooked or undiscovered.

For RF engineers in particular, the ability to calculate deep memory FFTs on low noise, 12-bit data increases the options available for debugging and analysing high speed signals.

High resolution capabilities

The ERES high-resolution mode provides even further noise reduction. In the SDS3000X HD for example, the equivalent of up to four extra bits of resolution are available.

All models are equipped to measure more than 50 parameters and support simultaneous mathematical operations across four channels. They also feature a formula editor enabling nested formulas.

All three oscilloscope series support mask test, bode plot, power analysis, search, and serial decode functionalities. For mixed signal analysis, there is also the option to add 16 digital channels. When used with Siglent's isolated signal generator SAG1021I, or any Siglent arbitrary waveform generator, the oscilloscopes can perform a loop response test to provide the frequency response curve of the device under test to obtain the gain and phase of each frequency point. For detailed analysis of the Bode plot curve, there are data list, cursor measurement and automatic measurement functions.

The three new oscilloscopes have high-definition touch screens (7” or 10.1”) and an intuitive user interface with multiple one-button operations on the front panel. They also feature advanced web control, network drive data capabilities and seamless remote access.

The SDS800X HD, SDS1000X HD and SDS3000X HD, join Siglent’s SDS2000X HD and SDS7000A series of high-resolution oscilloscopes ranging from 70 MHz to 4 GHz – also available from Telonic Instruments. 

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