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Teledyne LeCroy supports PCI Express 6.0 electrical testing

2nd February 2023
Harry Fowle

New PCI Express 6.0 and software tools support faster 64 GT/s data transfer speeds using PAM4 multi-level signalling.

Teledyne LeCroy announced support for PCI Express 6.0 electrical test and validation with QPHY-PCIE6-TX-RX fully automated test software, as well as SDAIII-PCIE6 and SDAIII-PAMx characterisation and debug software packages.

The growth of new technologies, including AI/ML and HPC, is accelerating the demand for fast access to large amounts of data. To support this growing demand, the next generation of PCI Express, PCIe 6.0, will use multi-level signalling (PAM4) to double data transfer speeds from the 32GT/s transfer speed provided by PCIe 5.0. While this helps satisfy the need for fast data access, the new multi-level signalling approach will create significant new test complexities for system developers.

Teledyne LeCroy’s new QPHY-PCIE6-TX-RX fully automated test software, and the SDAIII-PCIE6 and SDAIII-PAMx characterisation and debug software packages, when used together with a Teledyne LeCroy LabMaster 10 Zi-A oscilloscope and SDAIII-CompleteLinQ serial data analysis software, provide PCIe developers with the tools they need to test and debug complex PCIe 6.0 devices.

This new solution can:

  • Calculate and display jitter in three, unique transition groupings.
  • Measure transmitter equalisation settings, with results and methodologies aligned with current SigTest AC fit methods
  • Provide customisable setups for measuring preset cursors and waveforms using unique transmitter equalisation tools
  • Measure Signal-to-Noise-and-Distortion Ratio (SNDR) with robust oscilloscope noise compensation and powerful signal analysis waveform views

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