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Solid Sands’ latest SuperTest version supports Andes

11th May 2023
Harry Fowle

Andes has upgraded its version of the SuperTest Compiler Test and Validation Suite developed and supplied by Solid Sands.

Andes is a founding premier member of RISC-V International and the driving force in taking RISC-V mainstream. Solid Sands joined the RISC-V community as a Strategic Member at the end of 2022 and provided Andes with SuperTest Vermeer Update #3 to enable the company to realise its ambitious growth plans in the automotive industry.

Because C++ is capable of satisfying the security, functional safety and behavioural requirements of ISO 26262, it is increasingly used in the automotive sector. A substantial number of image processing, signal processing and machine learning algorithms used in a vehicle’s advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) are now written in C++. Underlining the strong commitment by Andes to RISC-V technology, the latest SuperTest Vermeer version was considered to be a perfect fit when operating in such a safety-critical industry.

Andes is dedicated to delivering top-notch solutions in AndesCore RISC-V IPs and software development tools. In 2022, Andes made a ground-breaking announcement by unveiling the RISC-V CPU IP fully compliant with ISO 26262 functional safety standards – the AndesCore N25F-SE. In the second half of 2023, Andes plans to introduce its highly anticipated AndesCore D25F-SE with DSP extension support. Furthermore, Andes continues to optimize compilers, toolchains and libraries, while expanding its support for DSP/Vector and NN libraries to ensure exceptional performance right out of the box with Andes RISC-V processors. Andes provides sturdy and superior compilers and toolchains by utilizing several open-source and commercial test suites like SuperTest.

Marcel Beemster, CTO at Solid Sands, says: “Andes has a very strong foothold in the RISC-V environment and is a forerunner in the widespread use of the technology. The company’s commitment to safety-critical development per se and its ambitions in the automotive sector, in particular, mean that refreshing with the latest SuperTest Vermeer version is the obvious choice.”

Warren Chen, Senior Manager of Technical Marketing at Andes, adds: “Andes’ cutting-edge software development tools, like AndeSight IDE, optimizing compilers and compute libraries, help accelerate the completion of highly competitive products. We appreciate the many essential benefits that SuperTest offers and it made perfect sense for us – as we power forward in the highly demanding and exacting automotive sector – to refresh our SuperTest with the latest Vermeer version.”

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