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Software suite enhances design to test cycle

6th November 2015
Mick Elliott

Major new features of the XJTAG Development System including Log File Viewer and Waveform Viewer will be on parade at productronica in Munich (November 10-14).  Working in conjunction with XJTAG’s production test environment, XJRunner, Log File Viewer bridges the gap between the design domain and the production test environment by allowing test engineers to capture vital fault diagnosis and convey it back to design teams, enabling effective improvements in the Design for Manufacture and Test (DFM&T) process.

Log File Viewer goes beyond text, introducing an enhanced and interactive file format that enables log files to capture and record test data in a way that wasn’t previously possible. This greatly enhanced logging capability details all errors and includes embedded links to the Layout and Schematic Viewers, allowing Test and Design Engineers to more effectively visualise faults and their causes.

The new format allows test data to be viewed by any engineer, long after the tests were actually performed, but with all the details normally available in the test output window.

John Hall, Software Development Manager at XJTAG, commented: “Log File Viewer significantly improves the way faults are recorded. It has been developed in response to customer requests to provide greater visibility of the cause of faults, in a way that can be used to support the entire product life cycle.”

Alongside Log File Viewer, the latest release of XJTAG’s software suite will also include a new feature called Waveform Viewer, which provides the ability to view signal values and transitions in real time.

The resulting debug information, which can be saved and reviewed by entire teams, also supports a high level of responsive interactivity, with intuitive navigation allowing engineering teams to find the information they need quickly and easily.

As well as displaying live data, the Waveform Viewer also supports triggering, enabling circuit behaviour to be recorded under user-specified conditions or when particular events occur. This powerful feature allows engineers to capture the key information needed to track down even intermittent faults on boards.

The new features are aimed at boosting the analytic capabilities of XJAnalyser and increasing both flexibility and usability in XJDeveloper and XJRunner. The latest version of the XJTAG Development System will be made available to all customers with a valid maintenance contract, evaluation versions are also available.

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