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A new 4GHz RF Signal Generator, the SG384 from Lambda Photometrics

12th January 2011
ES Admin
Lambda Photometrics announced immediate availability of the SG384 a new 4GHz RF Signal Generator from Stanford Research Systems (SRS).
Adding to its growing portfolio of affordable high specification test & measurement systems, the SG384 has the following key specifications:

· DC to 4GHz frequency range with 1mHz resolution.
· AM, FM, phase and pulse modulation.
· -116 dBc/Hz phase noise at 20kHz offset from 1GHz.
· Full octave frequency sweeps.
· OXCO timebase.
· Standard RS232, GPIB & Ethernet interfaces.
· Options include clock outputs, analogue I/Q inputs, Rubidium timebase.
· LITTLE money, LITTLE box, BIG performance!

Using a unique and innovative frequency synthesis technique, SRS have been able to deliver a 4GHz RF signal generator with exceptional frequency resolution, excellent phase noise and versatile modulation capabilities. This approach dispenses with the YIG oscillator used in other designs, significantly reducing cost. As the first in a line of new RF test & measurement products from SRS, the SG384 is destined to become another of their best selling products.

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