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Seaward RCD Test Adaptor

22nd September 2010
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Seaward’s latest PAT accessory is a special new adaptor for effective RCD testing. The adaptor has been designed to enable users to test a portable RCD or RCD protected extension lead without risk of tripping the main RCD in the installation. Most Seaward portable appliance testers are already equipped with an integral RCD trip time test. However, when testing a portable RCD using a mains outlet on an installation which is RCD protected, the test may cause the main RCD to operate.

The new compact RCD test adaptor eliminates this problem by providing an isolated mains supply which prevents unwanted tripping of any RCD at the main distribution board or consumer unit.

The Seaward NTB-1 RCD adaptor can be used easily and effectively with any make of PAT tester or RCD test instrument.

RCD testing has taken on greater significance since the introduction of the 3rd Edition of the IEE Code of Practice which recommends that when an extension lead or multiway adaptor is fitted with an RCD, the operation of the RCD should be checked using an RCD test instrument to determine that the trip time is within the limits set out in BS 4293, BS 7288 or BS EN 61008.

For those responsible for carrying out portable appliance testing this may require some changes to be made to the type of test instruments used. However, Seaward has anticipated these changes and many of the company’s testers are already equipped with an RCD trip time test.

The new NTB-1 RCD test adaptor from Seaward forms part of an extended range of PAT accessories that include PAT Checkboxes for regular in-service confirmation of test accuracy, pass/fail labels, Test ‘n’ Tag printers, barcode scanners and record keeping software.

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