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Scanner thermally characterises electronic enclosures

14th December 2015
Mick Elliott

The ATVS-2020 scanner from Advanced Thermal Solutions measures airflow temperature and velocit. It accommodates up to 32 sensors for precise, multi-point field mapping of test domains, including housings and PCB surfaces. The result is a highly accurate thermal characterisation.

Each dual-purpose sensor simultaneously measures both air temperature and velocity. This eliminates errors introduced as a result of the airflow being non-isothermal, i.e. varying in temperature.

The thin, low profile sensors are designed to minimise airflow disturbance. They can be placed easily anywhere in the test domain.

The scanner connects to any PC for operation. It is controlled by user-friendly stageVIEW software which acquires and quantifies data and generates detailed temperature and velocity reports for each sensor location.

Measurement periods are limited only by the PC’s storage capacity, and data can be automatically averaged for fast, research-quality test results.

The program provides modules for calculating the airflow requirements of devices under test.

All sensors are calibrated for both low (natural convection) and high velocity flow rates. Their temperature measurement capability spans from -20 to 120°C.

Air velocity measurements range from 0 to 50 m/s (10,000 ft/min).

Applications for the scanner include PCB testing, and thermal characterisation studies of heat sinks and enclosures.

The portable ATVS-2020 system weighs just 10 lbs (4.5 kg). Custom features and special-purpose sensors are available from ATS.

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