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1.5GHz, 2GHz models expand oscilloscope family

25th February 2015
Mick Elliott

Rohde & Schwarz has added two- and four-channel 1.5GHz and 2GHz bandwidth models to its RTE family of oscilloscopes. It expands the family’s bandwidth range from 200MHz to 2GHz. The oscilloscopes also offer 5 Gsample/s sampling rate per channel and up to 200 Msample memory; even long signal sequences can be analysed accurately, right down to the details.

An acquisition rate of more than one million waveforms per second means that signal faults are found very quickly. An extremely low-noise frontend, in conjunction with a sensitivity of up to 500 µV/div and a vertical resolution of 16 bit in high definition mode, ensures highly accurate measurement results.

To take full advantage of the high input sensitivity when characterizing low-amplitude signals, the full bandwidth is available even at 500 µV/div, and the instrument displays true sampling points without software-based zooming. The digital trigger system operating in the signal path allows triggering in realtime on even the smallest signal details.

Tools such as QuickMeas, which displays the results of eight measurements at the press of a button, fast mask tests, powerful spectrum analysis, the history function as well as 77 automatic measurement functions are provided as standard on the R&S RTE. Results are available extremely fast thanks to the hardware-assisted implementation of the analysis tools in the Rohde & Schwarz ASIC.

The oscilloscopes support dedicated application solutions for solving complex tasks, including trigger and decoding options for serial protocols and a power analysis option. Every R&S RTE can be upgraded to a high definition oscilloscope with 16 bit vertical resolution via a software license. For analyzing logical components in embedded designs, the mixed signal option offers 16 digital channels with outstanding parameters, including 5 Gsample/s sampling rate and 100 Msample memory per digital channel.

The powerful functionality of the R&S RTE oscilloscopes is amazingly easy to operate with the 10.4" XGA screen. Optimised for touchscreen operation, the screen can be flexibly organized by dragging and dropping waveforms and result windows, for example. The toolbar lets users get to measurement results in just two steps, and tools such as the fingertip zoom and undo/redo make operation intuitive and fast.

From embedded design development to power electronics analysis to general debugging, R&S RTE oscilloscopes offer quick, accurate and simple solutions for everyday T&M tasks, now up to 2 GHz bandwidth.



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