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pSemi announces 5G mmWave switch reaches volume production

28th September 2022
Sheryl Miles

pSemi, a Murata company focused on semiconductor integration, announces the production readiness of a SP4T switch targeted for wideband and high frequency applications up to 67GHz.

The compact and energy-efficient switch is designed to enhance 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) systems and short-range connectivity. Offering insertion loss, linearity, switching time and power handling for frequencies up to 67GHz, the PE42545 is part of a family of mmWave switches that can help designers simplify layouts and improve overall system efficiency in test and measurement, wireless infrastructure, non-terrestrial networks and point-to-point communication applications. 

"As commercial mmWave deployment accelerates, our customers need high-performance switches that are broadband, very low insertion loss and stellar return loss for a high-performing mmWave signal chain," says Vikas Choudhary, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at pSemi. "With more than 30 years of expertise in high-frequency semiconductor invention and manufacturing, pSemi provides high-performance, dependable mmWave solutions that our customers and partners can count on."

Features & Benefits

The PE42545 UltraCMOS SP4T switch delivers RF performance, reliability and size to meet challenging mmWave system designs from 9kHz to 67GHz and is available in flip-chip die form.

Superior wideband coverage – best-in-class performance with proprietary design technique delivers RF performance up to 67GHz.

Low latency – Fast switching for rapid transmit and receive data patterns in advanced communication schemes.

Power handling and linearity – High input P1dB and IP3 enable high data rate transmission capability in wireless communication.

Test & measurement – a mmWave SP4T case study

The test and measurement industry faces the challenge of needing to stay ahead of the 5G mmWave technology learning curve to deliver advanced testing solutions. Equipment must support higher power handling, high linearity, low insertion loss and fast switching to efficiently pressure test scenarios up to 67GHz under extreme conditions.

For test and measurement designers seeking to simplify complex broadband designs, a single PE42545 SP4T can replace multiple SPDTs used in cascaded filter bank configurations to reduce space and offer band-select paths with less insertion loss. Having access to scalable and reliable components ensures designers can adapt system designs to different band configurations as 3GPP standards evolve in 5G, 5G-Advanced and 6G.


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