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productronica 2017: Detector aids X-ray inspection

6th November 2017
Mick Elliott

StingRay Detector is the name of the new image acquisition concept for fully automatic X-ray inspection of single-sided and double-sided PCBs from Goepel electronic. It enables selective 2D, 2.5D and 3D X-ray inspection with high image quality at highest speed. The StingRay Detector is another option for the inline AXI systems of the X Line · 3D family. It will be on show at productronica in Munich (November 14-17).

The new technology ensures even better layer separation and brilliant, high-resolution images, especially on 3D images of selected areas.

The detector concept consisting of a high-speed X/Y axis and a flat-panel detector keeps the balance between image quality and cycle time.

The focus is on the reliable inspection of challenging solder joints such as BGAs, QFNs and LGAs.

By a scalable number of acquired projections, a high quality of the layer separation is achieved. The 3D reconstruction of the images is done by the planar CT.

The StingRay Detector can be configured according to the inspection task.

For example, a total of three detector sizes with a resolution of 1.3 to 6 megapixels are available. In addition to the stepless height adjustment of the X-ray source, the detector distance to the module can also be varied in three steps.

This results in different image field sizes and resolutions depending on the specific requirements.

The StingRay Detector addresses users with a test strategy that requires reliable inspection of individual assembly areas at top speed. In contrast to this, the MultiAngle Detector for the X Line · 3D family realises a full-surface X-ray inspection of all solder joints on the entire board with a scanning image acquisition.

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